Friday, August 11, 2006


The repugs are running so scared after Lamont's win that they are labeling his supporters and most dems as Taliban and al queada -

look in the mirror you repugs - you are the ones out of step with American opinion - you are the ones who are like al queda and the Taliban with your fanatical adherence to a theology and war machine that perpetuates a culture of war and killing...

we progressives are the ones who are peace minded, we are the ones who respect a culture of life - we are thinking in the real world and we WILL take our country back from you....

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bye Bye Joe

Joe Lieberman has now shown why the voters of Connecticut were correct to select Lamont. Lieberman, like his shrubish friends, can not face reality. And to boot - he is a sore loser - just like the shrub.

We do not need more petulant non-reality based people in D.C. - it's got enough of them there already. It's time for some truth and some serious looking at what is actually happening in the world - in the chaos that king shrub has wrought upon this planet.

So - Bye Bye Joe - and welcome Ned!

P.S. - drop Harry Reid a line and remind him that Lieberman is no longer a democrat and Reid should act accordingly.