Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another correlation

This is a sadder one... 14 of our children have died in the last two days in Iraq and Mr. 28% is now Mr. 26%...

How long before Congress, which also has a very low support %, truly realizes that the American people are as angry at them as they are with Mr. 26%?

The more of our children and Iraqi children we lose, the lower the percentage of support for both mad king george and congress!

How many more must die for the madness of King George and his oil cronies before someone realizes there is a correlation? It's a negative correlation - but it's still a correlation ......

Sunday, June 17, 2007

More "stuff" from China found to be bad

This time it's toys for your children!

I have taken to looking carefully on products to see from whence they come - if it's made in China - it stays in the store..Why tae chances with anyone's health..clearly the Chinese manufacturers are learning form us - if the bottom line s good for the company - who cares how many people/children/pets are damaged!

From the NY TImes

June 15, 2007
Thomas the Tank Engine Toys Recalled Because of Lead Paint

The toy maker RC2 Corporation pulled a number of its Thomas & Friends trains and accessory parts off the shelves yesterday after learning that the red and yellow paint used to decorate more than 1.5 million of the toys contained lead.

Lead, if ingested by children, can cause long-term neurological problems that affect learning and behavior.

“Parents should not delay in getting these toys away from their kids,” Scott Wolfson, spokesman for the Consumer Product Safety Commission, said yesterday.

An alert posted at a Web site devoted to the toy line,, included a list of more than two dozen items affected by the recall. The company noted that toys that bear a code containing a “WJ” or “AZ” on the bottom of the toy or the inside of the battery door are not included in the recall.

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