Friday, July 20, 2007

An open letter to JetBlue

I sent this to JetBlue corporate:

I was not going to attend Yearly Kos but was going to start using JetBlue to fly to the East coast.

Sorry - but now I not only will not fly your airline, I will suggest to all that they not use you either. Why? You are hypocrites. I understand that you advertise on a channel that promotes the worst hatred I have seen and I am going on 68 years old. [I do not watch Faux Noise.]

I spent the latter part of the 60' s boycotting TWA due to their stand on the grape boycott. It meant I flew cross-country always having to make flight changes and waiting hours in Chicago for those flights. I do put my money where my mouth is and as a book reading activist I never considered those wasted hours.

My mouth now says "do not fly JetBlue." I don't want to be in a plane flown by pilots flying for a company run by cowards who are afraid of a big mouthed, lying, obnoxious sexual predator.

This will also go on my blog.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The " they no longer amaze me" hypocrites

R's cease to amaze me...I think they ceased to amaze me during RR's reign. Now - it's become a what-would-they-have-to-do to amaze me or anyone? Hmmmm - tell the truth?

Crooks, liars, on-the-take graft, lobbyists, and hypocrites.

If you have an R after your name it seems you are allowed, by the alleged MSM, to be total hypocrites and nothing is said.

Up or down vote or the nuclear option was the R cry during the Roberts and Alito votes.

Now - when the D's have power - the R's want all votes on anything to do with Iraq be mandated to require a 60 vote majority - or they will .... guess what?

Or they will filibuster!....saying it's their "right" or whatever garbage they chose to use as words...

Only r's have rights - the rest of us are supposed to go-along-to-get-along.

I hope they have a great pajama party tonight.....those damned hypocrites- let them lose some sleep and golf and martini time !

Let's finally take care of our children who are caught in the R's mess in Iraq....[oh yes - and one I]