Friday, October 12, 2007

Accolades to Al Gore

President Al Gore won the Noble Peace Prize - sharing it with a UN Panel...all for his work on climate change.

So instead of being proud of him - the wingnuts are going crazy saying he's wrong - and besides his work has nothing to do with peace!

I say congrats and way to go President Al - and let's all ignore the wingnuts...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ahh my weird sense of humor

I just love it when faux noise is skewered - and done so well : - )

Another gem from Robert Greenwald

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Golly Gee [she says sarcastically]

Let's see - I have not posted about meat recalls because they have been all over the news - but I will post some here and make a comment.
Sam's Club is pulling frozen hamburgers made by agribusiness giant Cargill Inc. from its stores shelves across the United States as Minnesota health officials investigate four cases of E. coli associated with the burgers.

Topps Meat Company, one of the country’s largest manufacturers of frozen hamburgers, said yesterday that it was going out of business a week after it pulled back more than 21.7 million pounds of ground beef products in one of the largest meat recalls in recent years.

These follow the previous people food recalls, the pet food recalls, the toy recalls, the toothpaste recalls, and I forget what else recalls - but it has been along string of recalls!

Why? Because our "government" does not inspect well - or at all - and I will say IT DOES NOT CARE! When you have the predator guarding the food and toys - those will not be inspected...why should the predator harm it's own monetary well-being?

Now add to this that you are being taken advantage of in your health insurance - sometimes to the point of not getting care and you might see where I am going.

Our government does not care enough to inspect the food you eat...and it does not care enough to provide real health care and it does not care if your insurer "screws " you.

I have been called a cynic for saying that this administration would prefer we all die - here or in Iraq. Then not only won't we be using any health insurance - we won't be collecting Social Security!

Am I am cynic to think this? Someone prove me wrong. show me evidence that this Administration is actually watching out for the public welfare and punishing the malefactors and making them accountable. All they seem to do is worry about how all this affects Wall Street - not how it affects the people in this country and elsewhere.