Saturday, September 06, 2008


I did not really watch the republic convention - thought I would but after Palin's first snarky lie, I turned off the TV. And as for the old man I saw him with the lime green jello background - laughed and figured it would be a repetition of his lies and so turned the TV off.

I figure I did not miss anything. From what I read, it was pure republic - lies lies and more lies; repeated louder and louder to make them sound "true."

Now I read that the republics are acting true to form in Alaska - trying to derail the investigation of Palin. Oh yes and keeping her from the media - can't have anyone asking pesky questions!

So what is different from the shrub? Nothing. The republics have disdain for the citizens of this country and show you that every day...And they especially hate women - that's why they chose Palin - she's the good looking female side kick - selected because the R's feel women are interchangeable - Hillary Sarah - what difference does it make?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What republics really think!

Especially when they think no one is listening....

Today, John McCain's former campaign chief Mike Murphy and former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan were caught on tape after an NBC interview. They shared their real thoughts on McCain's judgment in selecting Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. Noonan asked, "The most qualified? No." She called the selection of Palin "political [B.S.]." Murphy called McCain's selection gimmicky and cynical.

Listen and watch:

Attention republics - you need to learn about technology :-0

Gordon Smith - absent

Mr. Smith - WHO IS A REPUBLIC - is not in Minneapolis - said he's too busy with his campaign - HUH [see below]

Jeff Merkley - -WHO IS A DEMOCRAT AND SUPPORTED BY WYDEN AND OBAMA - wrote Smith's speech for him just in case Smith goes to the R convention....

Is Smith Attending the Republican Convention?

Just in Case, Merkley Camp Prepares "Remarks" for the Senator

Unlike Democrat Jeff Merkley, who proudly attended the Democratic National Convention in Denver last week, Republican Gordon Smith says he is not planning to join his chosen party at their national convention.

Smith says he will be campaigning in Oregon all week, but as of Monday there is no information on any public campaign events, leading the Merkley campaign to ask: Has Smith changed his mind?

There is certainly ample precedent. Smith changed his mind and flip-flopped his position on many issues this election year.

The Merkley campaign has put together remarks for Smith to give at the convention just in case he does change his mind and head to Minneapolis this week.

Every single word in this speech comes from remarks Smith has made previously during his time in the Senate. Enjoy!

Thank you all so very much.[1] I'm very proud of you for being here. And I'm very grateful that you're here, because this event gives us a chance to come together.[2]

It's very meaningful to have African-Americans support me because I view them as God's children, too.[3]

The Democratic Party is not my constituency. These are people that believe in socialism. I don't.[4]

My campaign people will kill me for saying this but[5], President Bush has set our country on the course of recovery at home and strength abroad. We are safer today because this president has had the backbone to follow terrorism where terrorists are and go after them, and they have failed to strike us again on our own shores since 9-11.[6]

I believe when President Bush stood in front of ``mission accomplished'' on an aircraft carrier that, in purely military terms, the mission was accomplished.[7]

And I for one am thankful that we have a military as capable as this, and a commander in chief that had the courage not to listen to Hollywood, or the New York Times, or the French.[8]

It's not John Kerry's fault that he looks French.[9]

George Bush understands what creates opportunity in America.[10]

President Bush represents economic recovery and American leadership.[11]

And[12] I'm for John McCain. I'm in his kitchen cabinet. I'm one of six senators on his advisory committee.[13]

Thank you.[14]


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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

JohnMcSameMcBushIII© Not Fit to Be President

Listen to someone [Phillip Butler] who has known JohnMcSameMcBushIII© for years - and who was also a POW at the same time.

From BraveNew Films

Publish Post

Why is JohnMcSameMcBushIII© Afraid Of the Truth?

Yesterday I asked what the RNC was so afraid of that they arrested journalists...

Today I ask what JohnMcSameMcBushIII© is so afraid of journalists that he canceled an appearance on CNN..

And why did he do that? Well it seems CNN actually acted liked journalists and Brown asked a McSame "word repeater" questions about Palin and kept asking as the replies were not answers to her question.

Here is the interview that scared the "war hero."

If he can't face Wolf can he face [fill in the blank]

Monday, September 01, 2008

Just What is the RNC Afraid Of?

Journalist Amy Goodman was arrested today while covering the repug convention.

Amy is the producer of Democracy Now and although I don't always agree with her - she does a good job of covering the news that the "media" does not cover...

Again I ask - what was she covering that so scared the R's - so much that she was arrested?

UPDATE - September 2

Amy and the other Democracy Now people who had been arrested were released!

Again - Who is Sarah Palin?

It's becoming more clear that bloggers and some media mavens are finding out more about Sarah Palin than did the JohnMcSameMcBushIII© campaign before selecting her....shows what happens when desperation rules a decision!

I don't delight in any one's misfortunes - I'm not a republic - but some of the info coming out is causing me to sit back in astonishment and wonder what else is going to come out about Palin this week?

Her teen aged daughter is pregnant [oops there goes the abstinence argument]
She was not against the bridge to nowhere
The state has hired a personal attorney for her in the now dubbed troopergate [oops - thought repugs don't like them trial attorneys] well they don't like them til they need one - hypocrites that they are

Some say she won't be on the ticket post convention! [citing the now repug hypocrisy of "I need more family time"]

But more telling - maybe this answers why she was picked - yes I am a cynic!