Saturday, September 06, 2008


I did not really watch the republic convention - thought I would but after Palin's first snarky lie, I turned off the TV. And as for the old man I saw him with the lime green jello background - laughed and figured it would be a repetition of his lies and so turned the TV off.

I figure I did not miss anything. From what I read, it was pure republic - lies lies and more lies; repeated louder and louder to make them sound "true."

Now I read that the republics are acting true to form in Alaska - trying to derail the investigation of Palin. Oh yes and keeping her from the media - can't have anyone asking pesky questions!

So what is different from the shrub? Nothing. The republics have disdain for the citizens of this country and show you that every day...And they especially hate women - that's why they chose Palin - she's the good looking female side kick - selected because the R's feel women are interchangeable - Hillary Sarah - what difference does it make?

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