Thursday, November 02, 2006

All about the "O"

Republicans are all about the O !


and a few variations

mOrOnic behavior
nO planning
nO mOrals
nO cOnscience

you get the idea: AVOID the O"s.... vote for the DDDDDDDDD's

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or treat?

It's that time of year - Halloween and election day. Let's start tonight and treat only - no more tricks!

Please please VOTE this year and give ourselves and our country a real treat - A DEMOCRATIC HOUSE AND SENATE !

People who will do their jobs and provide oversight on this national nightmare we have in the WH....

People who will raise the minimum wage; not give the rich more tax cuts.

People who will look at solutions to health care; not fill the pockets of the pharma groups.

People who will care for the majority of Americans; not just the upper 1 or 2 %.

People who will look at real energy solutions; not cater to the oil companies.

Monday, October 30, 2006

I am still crying

The number of deaths of our children is now at 100 for this month... I don't have a recent figure for Iraqi deaths but we all know it's also high - October has been deadly for everyone..

And the shrub's plan? Change the words; deflect the focus; bash the democrats and keep smirking...great plan isn't it. and they keep saying the Democrats have no plan...Well that's because the repugs can't read much beyond the Pet Goat....

I've read many plans put out by Dems and Nancy Pols has been clear as to what she'll do in her first 100 HOURS...not 6 years of no plans except to raid the public treasury on behalf of their cronies....

So - it is most important that we all vote..They can not hack every voting machine and a massive democratic turn out can overcome their illegal activities...

I'm phone banking with the women again this week [it was fun and fun is fine] and don't forget the MoveOn calling for change - see logo on the right.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


The Election Assistance Commission (EAC) has not yet agreed to release a report drafted earlier this year that reportedly shows right-wing complaints about mass voter fraud – complaints that are used as the justification for restrictive bills that erect barriers to voting – are unwarranted. Please let your friends know that you signed a petition demanding that they do release this report so that we can get the maximum number of boxed signatures to put in their hands at their office here in DC.

Go to: and sign the petition.....

As you know, the notion that individuals are fraudulently impersonating other voters in droves is the basis for voter ID laws and other extreme right-wing measures that – not by accident – make it more difficult for those not in the Right’s regular constituency to vote. The only problem is that many others in the US don’t know this.

Get Out the VOTE by making calls

Join with the get out the vote [gotv] phone is the backbone of this drive...
click on the logo at the right for more info

Here's the blurb from MoveOn:

In 2006, Democratic voter turnout matters big-time. Many races will be decided by just hundreds of votes—and those races will determine the future of Congress. MoveOn's Call for Change program allows people with busy lives to spend as little as 15 minutes mobilizing voters in key races from their home computer and phone.

The goal is to make 5 million calls this election season—2 million have already been made.

You call when you can. Even 15 minutes makes a difference.

Here in Portland, a group of women made 2,500 calls in one evening last week on behalf of getting Oregonians to vote!
It was not a MoveOn event but it shows what we can do when we make calls.....