Sunday, October 29, 2006

Get Out the VOTE by making calls

Join with the get out the vote [gotv] phone is the backbone of this drive...
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Here's the blurb from MoveOn:

In 2006, Democratic voter turnout matters big-time. Many races will be decided by just hundreds of votes—and those races will determine the future of Congress. MoveOn's Call for Change program allows people with busy lives to spend as little as 15 minutes mobilizing voters in key races from their home computer and phone.

The goal is to make 5 million calls this election season—2 million have already been made.

You call when you can. Even 15 minutes makes a difference.

Here in Portland, a group of women made 2,500 calls in one evening last week on behalf of getting Oregonians to vote!
It was not a MoveOn event but it shows what we can do when we make calls.....

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