Thursday, October 26, 2006

96 dead

On Monday OF THIS WEEK I wrote that 86 of our children had been killed this month in Iraq. Only 3 days later, the number has risen by 10! 96 dead!!!! That's 96 of our children - gone. That's 96 families shattered. That's 96 deaths that should not have happened.

When you vote in November ask yourself how many more need to die for the shrub's failed policies? If you have had enough, vote for the Democrats - they will at least put a plan in place to end this hellish situation.

George and the repugs have NO PLAN....they never did and they never will. It's not how they operate. Reality and death are foreign concepts to them.

The tally [from BuzzFlash]

2,810 U.S. Military Fatalities in Iraq (thru today)
343 U.S. Military Fatalities in Afghanistan (thru today)
20,687 U.S. Military Maimed in Iraq (DoD Update: 10-Sep-06)
49,692 Iraqis Reported Killed (thru today; source: Iraq Body Count)
655,000 Iraqis Reported Killed (source: The Lancet)

Monday, October 23, 2006

86 dead

86 of our children; our future...dead - and one kidnapped - for what? A civil war? Oil? It certainly is not for peace or to stem terrorism.....

I cry again today - I cried during Vietnam and I cry now..... how many more of our children must die before the Gay Old Perverts wake up to reality?

The shrub has no feelings about these deaths - and he wants us to not have feelings either. If it were truly a "just" war, we would see and honor the returning dead and we would not have to have a shrub out there "cheer leading" for this mess.

This shows about 20 flag draped coffins...duplicate this 150 times and you have an idea of what almost 3000 dead children look like in coffins......Add to this the over 20,000 wounded and this mess worth it?