Saturday, April 19, 2008

Funny about McSame aka more war fewer jobs McCain

This is from Brave New Films - they are doing a great job : - )

Go HERE to post the questions McSame should be asked tomorrow

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Obama on last night's "debate"

Obama spoke out about last night's junk program too.

How refreshing to hear someone tell the truth with a sense of humor - and getting his digs in as well : - )

PS For the Hillary fans - when she produces a video about last night's disgrace, I'll post it as well

In her own words - we have another criminal in the administration

Watch and take action!

And never forget who loves this administration!

Last night's "debate"

I was appalled by the "questions" to the candidates. Those "questions" were more gotcha types of stupidity and/or more of a commentary on the persons asking them. Like what is Gibson's obsession with a capital gains tax ? Is it that he is worried and worried on behalf of the very rich who might just see the tax raised? Is that the most burning question on the mind of the American citizenry? or just his pathetic mind? And Stephanopoulos came across as the Clinton WH insider that he used to be - not as someone tuned into the real world.

Both questioners seemed stuck in a rut as they kept plugging away at the same inane questions when they did not like the answers.

The entire charade, delayed for us on the West Coast so we did not miss whatever more meaningful programs were on at 5 PM PDT, showed us again that ABC [Always Be Conservative] is still the same dismissive system it has become. Remember it was the station that showed the made-up version of the September 11th attacks. The station lies, presents distorted information and hires 2 totally out of it personnel to ask stupid questions at what could have been a very interesting meaningful debate.

Besides that the term debate is a misnomer. This is more like a childish gotcha "bee" of some kind. Debates are actually between two people. This is a q and a session where the candidates are not allowed to be asked real important question.

Please - let's bring sanity back to our nomination process and take it out of the hands of the big conglomerates who have their own agendas - and those agendas are not to inform the public - but to make money...

Always look at the bottom line. The big media and what passes for "news" are trying to keep some of this stupidity going only because it keeps viewers watching and ad money coming in. I have asked this before and will repeat myself here.

We need to stop allowing the big media conglomerate to run our nomination processes. They are biased, not interested in facts and as we saw last night- stupid!


For those who missed this nonsense - here is MoveOn's compilation of the stupidity.....

Had enough of this junk ABC calls "news" and important - sign MoveOns petition to ABC: click here

Monday, April 14, 2008

What Would You Do With 3 Trillion Dollars?

This is kind of fun but also a serious look at the cost of the Iraq occupation....

Watch the video and go "spend" your trillions at: