Friday, January 11, 2008

Loved this!

I watched the NH primary results [as mentioned here] and found that Obama's speech was powerful. So I asked myself what it would it be like to again have someone in the White House who is articulate and has real dreams for us and the country?

I am not, at this time, backing any of the candidates - but this speech sure made me want Obama to win - can't you just imagine him speaking to the world - it reminded me of what I loved most about the Kennedys....sigh.......

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Are you an advocate/activist? Want a law school scholarship?

I just got this email from the Dean of my old Law School

Things have changed since I was there - and changed in good ways...
Read Shelley's letter and the info on the school and scholarships


As most of you likely know well, many would-be public interest legal careers founder on the sharp rocks of law school debt. Pressed to pay back huge loans, many talented law graduates opt for the highest available paycheck. And, seeing this dynamic, many other talented POTENTIAL law students, who are committed to the fight for justice, are deterred from even seeking a legal education.

To address this dilemna [sic], the UDC David A. Clarke School of Law (UDC-DCSL) has embarked upon an ambitious plan to raise sufficient funds to offer up to TWENTY FULL THREE-YEAR SCHOLARSHIPS to top students whose records reflect deep commitment to justice. Thanks to the generosity of our friends and alumni, we are able to begin this Advocate for Justice Scholarship this fall!

I ask you to please glance at the materials below, and to help spread the word about this exciting opportunity to your colleagues, family members and allies.

Perhaps, with your help, someone you know will use a UDC law degree to further causes you hold dear!

Thanks so much for your help!

Shelley Broderick, Dean
UDC David A. Clarke School of Law


University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law (UDC-DCSL)

Tuition-Free Law School for Activists!

If you are, or have been, an excellent student, and if your record reflects a clear commitment to justice, you may be able to attend an excellent public interest law school TUITION-FREE!

About UDC-DCSL (

UDC-DCSL is a new, fully ABA accredited public interest law school in Washington, DC. The most race, ethnic and age-diverse law schools in America, it requires, by far, the largest amount of hands-on clinical work for poor people and the public interest. This means that at UDC-DCSL, rather than "checking one's values at the door" while studying law, all students provide high-quality legal service to low-income people and public interest causes under the watchful eye of experienced attorney-professors. Rated in the top ten in four categories by Princeton Review two years running - with the nation's most progressive student body two years in a row - UDC-DCSL is a fabulous choice for those advocates for justice who know they would employ a law degree in the public interest.

Three-Year Full-Tuition Advocate for Justice Scholarships (

UDC-DCSL and its supporters know that graduation from law school with high loan debt can deter or derail public service. For this reason, UDC-DCSL now offering up to 20 three-year full-tuition Advocate for Justice Scholarships each year, beginning with members of the class entering in fall, 2008. The award of these scholarships will be based equally upon the Scholarship Selection Committee’s evaluation of applicants’ academic talent and their proven commitment as advocates for justice. Toward this end, the Committee will consider applicants’ undergraduate and graduate fields of study; grades; LSAT scores; publications; academic, personal and professional recommendations; as well as evidence of their professional and voluntary experience and other pertinent information.

Due to our emphasis on demonstrated commitment to working for justice, some successful scholarship applicants may be more than a few years out of college, with “real world” experience. We strongly encourage second and third career applicants to apply. However, we also encourage applicants of all ages, including recent graduates who feel that their track record reveals a deep commitment to the social good.

The School of Law is the nation’s most diverse, with 55% students of color, 33% African-American, 12% Latino, and 10% Asian, Middle Eastern and Native American. DC residents, people of color and others from groups under-represented in the legal profession as well as those interested in public interest law are strongly encouraged to apply.

UDC-DCSL Advocate for Justice Scholarship Information:


One Current Student's View:

"Also, for what it's worth, some things that I (having been to another law school) think are great about our school:

- The non-competitive atmosphere, camraderie, etc. (which is, I think, related to our size & mission)
- The ability to form relationships with professors (ditto)
- That everyone gets to participate in clinic (whether they like it or not!)
- The fact that many professors still practice (so that clients are still real people to them)
- The number of students from working class backgrounds and/or progressive students and/or students of color
- The school's community-based mission and the fact that it's actually put into action
- The fact that I don't have to say "I'll only have to practice in a firm for a decade (to pay off my loans) before I can start doing public interest work" and then wonder if I'm going to have to spend ten years after that simply working to undo the damage I just did."

For more information:
Advocates for Justice Program:
Admissions nuts and bolts: Donald Pritchett:

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Idiot sexist Matthews

I tend to watch MSNBC solely because of Keith Olbermann. And so I tuned in after the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary. Not sure this will become my pattern because of Mathews - aka Tweety.

I also give MSNBC and Olbermann kudos for having Rachel Maddow on as a regular guest. She outsmarts and "out polites" Tweety and I think that's why he dislikes her - I think he dislikes all women.

He cut her off when she was trying to say something after the Iowa day - but she smiled and let him look like the idiot he is. But last night after New Hampshire he really showed his stupidity and was taken to task by Tom Brokaw.

Tweety was so off and running his mouth about why the polling showed Obama so ahead and yet Hillary won the primary. He
seems not to understand that the alleged media is so gung ho to have a crowned winner this early that they take any poll numbers and spin it into "Winner" with no thought given to any analysis. Serious reporting has gone by the wayside in our infotainment "news" era.

Then Brokaw took Tweety to task for his rant and actually said that the media was to blame for trying to be the ones to anoint a winner...not letting voters decide. Tweety went nutso - trying to keep talking over Brokaw and saying dumb things like do many universities live off their polling and on and on and on...Brokaw, also polite, kept interjecting sanity into the discussion and Tweety looked stupid...more stupid than he usually looks.

Why MSNBC keeps him is a mystery - Tweety is more like a faux noise yeller...he does not listen and only wants his view to be on the air..

So - me, the politikal junkie will watch to hear Keith and Rachel - but if Tweety keeps spouting his stupid comments as the primary season goes on - MSNBC will be losing me as a viewer.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Paper Ballots

Since I moved to Oregon, I vote not only with a paper ballot - but by mail. Yes it takes away some of the fun of "election day" - but we talk politics for weeks as we pour over the ballots in our homes.

And yes, paper ballots and mail voting can also have problems - but you don't hear about problems with Oregon voting like you hear in other states which have those damnable new and hackable machines.

So MoveOn is asking us to sign a petition to get Congress to move quickly on this issue!

This Sunday's cover story in The New York Times Magazine makes plain the threat:
The winner of the 2008 presidential election could be decided by flawed, insecure, and hackable electronic voting machines.

Congress is poised to consider a new emergency paper ballots bill next week—but we'll have to convince them to act right away.

I signed the petition urging local, state, and federal officials to require a paper trail for our votes.
Please join with me and others by signing the petition and HERE IS THE LINK

Monday, January 07, 2008

From New Hampshire

On January 4th I lamented that the "news" stations were anointing winners and losers by deciding who was and who not was a "viable" candidate: link here.

Until now not many repugs, or anyone, got upset by this....

Now watch angry Ron Paul supporters trail and yell at Sean Hannity [Paul was not invited to the faux noise forum]

Video from Brave New Films [the true Rudy people]

mr 9/11

More great footage about guiliani - the truth - not his spin on all events [from Brave New Films]

Primaries 2008

I don't have a real favorite this year nd honestly - wold be fine with whoever wins the Democratic nomination.

Each nominee has some very good points and each has something that bothers me - but at least I feel I could get behind the ultimate winner.

Given this - I am enjoying watching the processes at work on both sides but more so enjoying the repug side.

Isn't it fun watching them try to out gun, out migrant workers, out Guantanamo, out war, out flip-flop, out conservative and out religious each other. Watching the repug debates is good theater - bad politics - but good theater. The larger repug community is very unhappy with Huckabee winning Iowa - so much so that a top repug would not even mention Huckabee's name : - ). [ repugs finally got what you asked for in the last two cycles - so remember - be careful what you wish for because you just might get it]

The Dems are arguing over what change means - that's okay - it's not a sexy argument and doesn't engage me like the repug arguments.

Tomorrow is New Hampshire's day and then the candidates have to run around several states before February -

As a political junkie, I can't wait to see what new high comedy arises after New Hampshire.. for people like me, this is a great season. And I get the football play offs at the same time!