Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Idiot sexist Matthews

I tend to watch MSNBC solely because of Keith Olbermann. And so I tuned in after the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary. Not sure this will become my pattern because of Mathews - aka Tweety.

I also give MSNBC and Olbermann kudos for having Rachel Maddow on as a regular guest. She outsmarts and "out polites" Tweety and I think that's why he dislikes her - I think he dislikes all women.

He cut her off when she was trying to say something after the Iowa day - but she smiled and let him look like the idiot he is. But last night after New Hampshire he really showed his stupidity and was taken to task by Tom Brokaw.

Tweety was so off and running his mouth about why the polling showed Obama so ahead and yet Hillary won the primary. He
seems not to understand that the alleged media is so gung ho to have a crowned winner this early that they take any poll numbers and spin it into "Winner" with no thought given to any analysis. Serious reporting has gone by the wayside in our infotainment "news" era.

Then Brokaw took Tweety to task for his rant and actually said that the media was to blame for trying to be the ones to anoint a winner...not letting voters decide. Tweety went nutso - trying to keep talking over Brokaw and saying dumb things like do many universities live off their polling and on and on and on...Brokaw, also polite, kept interjecting sanity into the discussion and Tweety looked stupid...more stupid than he usually looks.

Why MSNBC keeps him is a mystery - Tweety is more like a faux noise yeller...he does not listen and only wants his view to be on the air..

So - me, the politikal junkie will watch to hear Keith and Rachel - but if Tweety keeps spouting his stupid comments as the primary season goes on - MSNBC will be losing me as a viewer.

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