Friday, March 31, 2006

Owning up to responsibility

We have a government where seemingly the worse you do your job - the higher the praise and maybe you even get a medal of "honor." Hmmm. Rice now admits to making "thousands" of errors in Iraq. Will anyone be held responsible? Nope - not unless we vote them out.

Is this administration creating a national culture of irresponsibility? A world-wide culture of irresponsibility? I think so. Add to that this new power of "pre-emptive" war....and we have a new world/country concept of "get them first and get away with it!"

Recently I was hit by a hot/run driver. My dog and I are okay - the car is not. It gave me pause for thought. Have we seen an increase in this kind of crime since the invasion of Iraq? Are there more "senseless" murders since the invasion of Iraq?

I think I shall start doing some research. When the alleged head of the country goes on a PR spree telling the world he was correct to invade Iraq, spy on Americans and ruin the economy - all in the name of "get em first" I think he is setting a very bad example - and one that WILL be emulated by others - by people here and by other countries. Why? He has done all this without taking any responsibility for it's aftermath. He sees himself as above any law and he will keep acting like this.

So he will continue to be an example of "get em first and take no responsibility for the aftermath" and he will act surprised that others copy this new format of behavior - afterall in his mind he is the only one allowed to act this way....

Off to do some research.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Silly me

Can anyone tell me who we are killing in Iraq right now? Do the our children there [aka troops] know who is an "enemy?" Or do they just shoot who they are ordered to shoot?

From today's news: "Politicians from Iraq's Shi'ite majority accused U.S. troops of massacring 20 worshippers at a Baghdad mosque on Sunday but police and residents said many died in clashes between Shi'ite militia fighters and Americans."

From my point of view we seem to be killing Iraqis at will who happen to be in a place we want. Or in a place the Iraqis in power want?

We did what we said we were going to do [WMD] ...even did the follow up lies [capture Hussein] ... so now we need to get out - you can't force a democracy at gunpoint and you certainly can't say you are promoting democracy "there" when you undermine it here by lying, cheating. stealing and tramping on constitutional rights....

Censure the shrub - impeach the shrub - but as the bumper sticker notes - impeach cheney first