Sunday, March 26, 2006

Silly me

Can anyone tell me who we are killing in Iraq right now? Do the our children there [aka troops] know who is an "enemy?" Or do they just shoot who they are ordered to shoot?

From today's news: "Politicians from Iraq's Shi'ite majority accused U.S. troops of massacring 20 worshippers at a Baghdad mosque on Sunday but police and residents said many died in clashes between Shi'ite militia fighters and Americans."

From my point of view we seem to be killing Iraqis at will who happen to be in a place we want. Or in a place the Iraqis in power want?

We did what we said we were going to do [WMD] ...even did the follow up lies [capture Hussein] ... so now we need to get out - you can't force a democracy at gunpoint and you certainly can't say you are promoting democracy "there" when you undermine it here by lying, cheating. stealing and tramping on constitutional rights....

Censure the shrub - impeach the shrub - but as the bumper sticker notes - impeach cheney first


CSC5502D said...

God help us........

Shut up moron. If your so-called "rights" were being trampled on, you couldn't have this blog to spew your inane drivel!

You'd be in a camp or worse, like in Cuba, China, etc. does when you say things against the government.

Grow up.

Lynn Dorman, Ph.D. said...

Ah - we still have a need to educate some of our citizens. They do not understand.... [and of course they post anonymously]