Monday, December 31, 2007

TPMtv: Golden Dukes Announced!

From Talking Points Memo

This is fun to watch...even if you recall many of these scandals - it's nice to see a review of the "best" and guess the "winners."

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Ain't aging fun?

I'm cross posting this from my aging blog: because it's about more than aging - sadly....

Ahhhh- you work for a company for decades. You had good health and retirement benefits.

Now? You might lose them or have them reduced if you are 65 and over.

Why? See today's news

December 27, 2007
U.S. Ruling Backs Benefit Cut at 65 in Retiree Plans

WASHINGTON — The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission said Wednesday that employers could reduce or eliminate health benefits for retirees when they turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare.

The policy, set forth in a new regulation, allows employers to establish two classes of retirees, with more comprehensive benefits for those under 65 and more limited benefits — or none at all — for those older.

More than 10 million retirees rely on employer-sponsored health plans as a primary source of coverage or as a supplement to Medicare, and Naomi C. Earp, the commission’s chairwoman, said, “This rule will help employers continue to voluntarily provide and maintain these critically important health benefits.”

Premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance rose an average of 6.1 percent this year and have increased 78 percent since 2001, according to surveys by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Because of the rising cost of health care and the increased life expectancy of workers, the commission said, many employers refuse to provide retiree health benefits or even to negotiate on the issue.

In general, the commission observed, employers are not required by federal law to provide health benefits to either active or retired workers.

Dianna B. Johnston, a lawyer for the commission, said many employers and labor unions had told it that “if they had to provide identical benefits for retirees under 65 and over 65, they would just drop retiree health benefits altogether for both groups.”

In a preamble to the new regulation, published Wednesday in the Federal Register, the commission said, “The final rule is not intended to encourage employers to eliminate any retiree health benefits they may currently provide.”[emphasis mine - ld]

Well it's not the intention - but intentions don't count....actions wait and watch.

What this can mean for many is that they can lose the "good" benefits if those benefits were the same as those of current under 65ers. A company may continue to provide the same benefits for all - but it now means they can change the benefits of those over 65 without it being considered age discrimination.

Trust the company? The corporation? Maybe the very same ones who, when faced with problems and declining income for their shareholders, cut the pensions and the feds said "sure?"

And, do you think the CEO's will also face this or any downward changes? Or will they still have the top of the line health and pension/retirement benefits while you are now possibly going to lose yours?

Isn't it great to be aging in the good old us of a?

Me? I'd prefer what the nay sayers call "socialized medicine." Let's all have the same health insurance benefits; universal health care.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Late December Thoughts

As we wind down another year we tend to do as the god Janus did [hence January] we look both forward and backward and see a door to a future. This time of year can be depressing for many; it’s dark in some parts of the world, it’s a time for recounting [Janus looking backward], a time for family gatherings [and all those potential conflicts] and this year it is the middle of a long drawn out primary season that has yet to see a primary vote. But votes will occur when Janus looks forward.

For those of us with birthdays in December and January there is the additional counting and re-counting. Not only is the year changing – we are adding another year to us at the same time.
So on this nearly eve of Janus – I am reflecting doubly – as I am one with a January birthday. After many decades of life – I still see a positive future for us all – but we need to envision it and work toward its effect.

I have been known to get pessimistic about the sorry state of our country but I take heart form my son’s hypothesis that everything has a way of balancing itself out. Guess that comes from having a psychologist for a mother. It’s the homeostatic idea of life, ecology, biology, etc. But I never applied it to politics like he does and that’s why he’s a sociologist ☺

My optimism for 2008 and beyond is that we, as a country, will do more to take care of our own citizens; the young, the middle and the older ones.

That we will protect our food supplies and stop allowing foods in the system that are rife with pesticides, bacteria, hormones and worse.

That we will protect our farm land and stop poisoning the grounds that are so vital to growing good foods.

That we stop poisoning the air we breathe.

That we stop feeding hormones to our food supply.

I could go on - but in short: That we will love, nurture and provide for all people from cradle to grave by giving food, shelter and medical care so that all can experience the most optimal development that is possible.

Besides when you see this symbol outside your house on a cold December morning – you just have to have a positive outlook.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Old Executive Office Building

Ever since my first trips to D.C. in the 70's - I have loved this building. Ones built in the so called modern age are bland, square and frankly - ugly!

So when I heard there was a fire in this building - I like so many others wondered if Cheney were trying to either burn down the building or create some havoc so that he could yet again get away with something. In chaos one can steal, pillage and do yet more damage to the constitution...

He and the shrub are fully capable of creating this type of diversion to deflect the news about the destruction of the CIA tapes.

And isn't it sad that we have come to a point in our country's life where we think that a vice president would or could intentionally burn down an historic building....but then again they destroyed Iraq's history and people - so why not here as well.

faux noise lies again

Faux noise is angry that Obama and Edwards refuse to do interviews on any of the faux noise programs. Poor babies. so what do they do - they continue the smear campaign against these two presidential hopefuls and think that will get them to appear on the station? DOH!

Watch this Brave New Films video

then go here and sign the open letter to Edwards and Obama in support of their decisions. [ You can also view the video at that page. ]

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Impeach Cheney - YES

Robert Wexler - the Florida Rep said this:

The charges are too serious to ignore. There is credible evidence that the Vice President abused the power of his office, and not only brought us into an unneccessary [sic] war but violated the civil liberties and privacy of American citizens. It is the constitutional duty of Congress to hold impeachment hearings.

If you agree - go HERE and sign the petition....

Impeachment is often understood - it does not mean that the person impeached is automatically removed from office - impeachment is the beginning of an investigate process that ends with the legal statement of charges. It is followed by a trial....

Why Pelosi started her term with the statement that impeachment i off the table amazed me then - but now we know that she is one who loves incumbents - both R's and D's I guess.

Why so few want to investigate these dangerous persons is scarier than the fact that they are so dangerous. Are they so scared of the shrub and cheney that they fear to take a deep legal look into the behavior of the last 6 -7 years [or more]. And if so scared - why?

Monday, December 17, 2007

Yea for the "pesky bloggers"

Remember when Nancy Pelosi told bloggers that she supported Wynn?
Though crediting activists for their "passion," Pelosi called it "a waste of time" for them to target Democrats. "They are advocates," she said. "We are leaders."
Well she is no longer a leader I respect. And ditto Harry Reid until a few hours ago when he tabled the FISA bill debate until after the Senate winter recess. While it is good he listened to and read the many phone calls and emails he got - why did he not lead on this issue before - why did he wait until he figuratively got hit on the head with it? He knew that the shrub had lied - he knew that this illegal wire tapping started BEFORE Sept 11, 2001 - in fact it started soon after the shrub was elected. And now mr 24% wants to retroactively immunize those telecoms that listened to you and me - and are still listening.

If I know that and the New York Times knows that - why did Harry Reid seem to not know it?

So keep up the pressure on all members of Congress - until they start listening to the people [and not illegally :-) ] - and stop listening to the money!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Vaccine recalls

Merck is recalling 2 vaccines used for children under the age of 5....

Merck is pulling 11 lots of PedvaxHIB and two lots of COMVAX. PedvaxHIB is a vaccine that protects against infection with haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib), the bacteria that causes meningitis, pneumonia, and bloodstream infections. The COMVAX vaccine protects against haemophilius B and hepatitis B, a virus that can cause liver disease.

Full article HERE

the decider decides?

this is from dailykos and it's about mr decider - the decider-in-chief now threatens to veto 53 bills!
read the titles and weep

mr decider has decided that children, security, medicare recipients, energy alternatives, employees, whistleblowers, troops, victims of hate crimes, etc do not deserve funding

but bills that curtailed oil cartels and price gouging - he hates those too - as they affect his cronies

George W. Bush -- after issuing a grand total of one veto (stem cells) during his first six years in office -- had suddenly found his groove, vetoing two bills (a second stem cell bill and the May Iraq supplemental) and issuing threats to veto 29 other key bills passed by the new Democratic Congress.

Today, that total has reached seven vetoes (including Energy & Water appropriations, Labor/HHS/Education appropriations, and two SCHIP vetoes) and threats against 53 additional bills:

1. Medicare Prescription Drug Price Negotiation Act - H.R. 4, and the Medicare Fair Prescription Drug Price Act - S. 3
2. Employee Free Choice Act - H.R. 800
3. Improving America's Security Act - S. 4
4. Water Quality Financing Act - H.R. 720
5. Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2007 - H.R. 985
6. Presidential Records Act Amendments of 2007 - H.R. 1255
7. United States Policy in Iraq Resolution - S.J.Res. 9
8. U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans' Health, and Iraq Accountability Act - H.R. 1591, S. 965, H.R. 2206
9. D.C. Voting Rights Act – H.R. 1433, S. 1257
10. Rail and Public Transportation Security Act - H.R. 1401
11. Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act - S. 5
12. Intelligence Authorization Act - S. 372, H.R. 2082
13. Food and Drug Administration Revitalization Act - S. 1082
14. Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act – H.R. 1592
15. Redeployment of United States Armed Forces and defense contractors from Iraq - H.R. 2237
16. Department of Homeland Security Authorization Act - H.R. 1684
17. Agricultural Disaster Assistance and Western States Emergency Unfinished Business Appropriations Act - H.R. 2207
18. National Defense Authorization Act - H.R. 1585, S. 1547
19. No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels (NOPEC) Act - H.R. 2264
20. Federal Price Gouging Prevention Act – H.R. 1252
21. Human Cloning Prohibition Act - H.R. 2560
22. Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act - H.R. 2638, S. 1644
23. Creating Long-term Energy Alternatives for the Nation (CLEAN) Act/Energy Independence and Security Act - H.R. 6
24. State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act - H.R. 2764
25. Interior, Environment and Related Agencies Appropriations Act - H.R. 2643
26. Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act - H.R. 2829
27. College Cost Reduction Act - H.R. 2669
28. Responsible Redeployment from Iraq Act - H.R. 2956
29. Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act - H.R. 3074, S. 1789
30. Departments of Commerce and Justice, Science and Related Agencies Appropriations Act - H.R. 3093, S. 1745
31. Farm, Nutrition and Bioengery Act/Food and Energy Security Act - H.R. 2419
32. Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act - H.R. 2831
33. Children's Health Insurance Reauthorization Act(SCHIP)- S. 1893, H.R. 3162, H.R. 976, H.R. 3963
34. Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act - H.R. 3161
35. Ensuring Military Readiness Through Stability and Predictability Deployment Policy Act - H.R. 3159
36. Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act - H.R. 2776
37. New Direction for Energy Independence, National Security, and Consumer Protection Act - H.R. 3221
38. Terrorism Risk Insurance Revision and Extension Act - H.R. 2761
39. FAA Reauthorization Act - H.R. 2881
40. Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act - H.R. 3121
41. Improving Government Accountability Act - H.R. 928
42. Regional Economic and Infrastructure Development Act - H.R. 3246
43. National Affordable Housing Trust Fund Act - H.R. 2895
44. Tax Collection Responsibility Act - H.R. 3056
45. Free Flow of Information Act - H.R. 2102
46. Responsible Electronic Surveillance that is Overseen, Reviewed, and Effective (RESTORE) Act - H.R. 3773
47. Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act - H.R. 505
48. Employment Non-Discrimination Act - H.R. 3685
49. Trade and Globalization Assistance Act - H.R. 3920
50. Hardrock Mining and Reclamation Act - H.R. 2262
51. Homeowner's Defense Act - H.R. 3355
52. Temporary Tax Relief Act (AMT) - H.R. 3996
53. Orderly and Responsible Iraq Redeployment Appropriations Act - H.R. 4156

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Proud Parent

My son, the sociology major, made this video with his group - it's on AIDS and religion and he is the announcer...

As a kid who grew up in D.C. he knows lots about AIDS and hypocrisy - religious, politikal and all else

After all he is my kid! And I am very proud of him!!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Homeland [In]Security, Department of

Washington, DC - Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) released a new report entitled Homeland Security for Sale � DHS: Five Years of Mismanagement, an accompanying website,, and a video created and produced by Brave New Foundation. The report and video document the past five years of the agency�s most serious problems and troubling practices.

Here is the video:

And for any Connecticut readers, you might ask your Senator why is has failed to do ANY investigating - I reclal he promised that when he convinced you to vote for him!

Monday, December 03, 2007

happy money days

At my health club the TV in the locker room is usually tuned to one of those "morning" shows and no one really watches. Today I heard a commercial on whatever show it was that caused me to stop and ponder.

It was an ad for a big discount store; which shall remain nameless. The ad ended with a statement along the lines of - you'll save so much money - you can give more xmas.....

It left my brain in a muddle. Have we really packaged xmas so much that it can be quantified and "given" to someone? Do we now need persons like billo measuring how much xmas each store sells and then lambasting those who have less xmas to give as ones who are part of his war on xmas?

Raises lots of questions....but the answer to all is simple - you are expected to give lots of xmas this year - even if you go broke doing so! The "stores" have made this their December mantra!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's been a weird week

For starters - this clip about rudy is funny and summarizes his week!

Then we have new allegations against Larry I am not and never was gay Craig.

The head of the Red Cross [A REPUG] lost his job for having an adulterous affair with a female co-worker - [that's probably why it wasn't big news...]

Virginia is making those who wish to vote in the repug primary sign an oath that will vote repug in the general election.

Iraq is wallowing in corruption.

The shrub is cutting back funding for first responders and ports - but probably not the college football stadiums and mid west who-knows-what that get such money.

Next he'll start scaring us again with terra threats - cuz his hallyburton cronies need the money - not the citizens!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

When will the "buying season" start next year?

While celebrating thanksgiving with friends and neighbors - we laughed at the ads which had arrived that morning in and with our local newspaper. Many stores were opening at 4 AM on Friday and a few at midnight. None of us could think of a single item we needed enough to go out and stand in a line to get into a store in the middle of the night!

The evening news started with footage of people camping in tents to be first in line. I figured if that was the most important local news of the day - I'd rather not watch - and so I turned off the TV.

With the greedy corporate money grabbers after everyone, I wonder how far back the buying season will go? We already have the "holiday" paraphernalia out in late August but I fear the corporate buy-buy-buy season will also get re-set to pre-Labor Day - or earlier. Why not? This year some buyers were cautious as the price of gas and home heating went high and so spent less money after Thanksgiving - which itself cost more this year. So if the pre-xmas sales start while it's still warm out and before we have to pay to heat our homes - maybe we'll spend our way into bankruptcy months earlier.

And those who get on the stupidity train of the "war on xmas" can spend more months arguing that point! Ah - life in the USA! And all during this many "pine" nostalgically for the good old days - yet forget that in those good old days - people actually spend time with family and friends - not in tents on lines waiting for stores to open!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

In spite of the mess that mad king george has made of our country - we still have a lot to be thankful for....

I am thankful for my son, my blog readers, my friends and neighbors and my pets. [And the gorgeous day we are having for a late November in the pacific northwest.....]

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another whoda thunk it

Two pre-Thanksgiving news clips:

Dark moods?
Americans enter the holiday season in a dark mood, with economic worries, security fears and a lack of confidence in government fueling growing pessimism, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Wednesday.

The Reuters/Zogby Index, which measures the mood of the country, fell for the third consecutive month, dropping from 96 in October to 94.9 on new growth in the number of Americans dissatisfied with the economy and pessimistic about the future.

Think maybe it has to do with this news clip?
The plunge [stock market] came as investors remain frightened and uncertain about a credit crisis that does not show any signs of easing. Freddie Mac, considered a backstop for the mortgage industry, said yesterday that it lost $2 billion last quarter because of increased foreclosures tied to subprime mortgage defaults. Oil prices flirted with the symbolic $100-a-barrel level in overnight trading. Markets in Asia and Europe dropped sharply as investors questioned whether the United States economy will slow more than expected.

Gee if Rummy were still around - we'd have one of his who could have guessed stupidities.

Instead we have only my sarcastic "whoda thunk it"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another one admits to lying

Why is it that persons leaving the employ of this administration can only tell the truth AFTER they leave?

I do wish we had some new rules about lying to the public when you are being paid by that very same public!

Who is today's "truth" teller? Why it's pretty boy McClellan:

In an excerpt from his forthcoming book, McClellan recounts the 2003 news conference in which he told reporters that aides Karl Rove and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby were "not involved" in the leak involving operative Valerie Plame.

"There was one problem. It was not true," McClellan writes, according to a brief excerpt released Tuesday. "I had unknowingly passed along false information. And five of the highest-ranking officials in the administration were involved in my doing so: Rove, Libby, the vice president, the president's chief of staff and the president himself."

Fuller article here:

Monday, November 19, 2007

More bad news about foreclosures

CNN news had an article today about an area of Cleveland where the number of empty houses due to foreclosures are being looted for the siding, plumbing and anything that can be sold quickly.

Full CNN Cleveland article:

And just so you know - this is happening all over the country - even in wealthier enclaves like Northern Virgina. All thanks to mr 24% and the go-along-to-get-along Congress... The empty houses can be used by criminals or for dumping garbage, thus making the neighborhoods less appealing and of course then values go down and nothing sells - making it harder for the remaining homeowners to leave as they can not sell and making it very unpleasant for them to stay.

So the subprime mortgage mess is affecting many communities - and reading the market news - it's causing problems in financial markets as the banks are reeling from the bad loans....

Gee - whoda thought voting for mr 24% would have had this effect? [she says sarcastically]

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Are you a renter?

If so, you may wind up being "collateral damages" in the mortgage mess brought on by the shrub's banking buddies. The housing foreclosures across the country are resulting in the evictions of those renting those houses - even if they [the renters] never missed a rental payment !

Why? The investor owners are not paying the mortgage. And why is that? They were allowed to overextend themselves in the booing low interest rate hosing market..and now everyone is paying a price for that.

From The New York Times
“This is an explosion,” said Judith Liben, a lawyer at the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute. “This isn’t business as usual. These are investors that overleveraged themselves, and the renters are collateral damage in the mortgage crisis.”
Full article HERE

Even if you are a home owner, all those foreclosures in your neighborhood, which are usually left empty, are inviting crime, lowered hosing values and an inability to sell should you choose that route for yourself.

Another mess created by the "we hate government" crowd in D.C. - they hated regulations so they removed them and we all pay the price for his cronies' corporate greed...we win - everyone else loses" is the "game" they play - they simply do not care about "collateral damage" - on the home front, in Iraq or in Afghanistan.....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Toys and child development

I am ranting here about a mix of psychology and my corporate greed shtick.

With holiday season in full sales-display mode it’s time to really pay super attention to what you buy for your children – especially if buying toys.

22 toys were recalled in October – and with more and more hitting the stores form now until January sales time – I’m guessing more will be recalled – but you might already have bought them or are in a hurry and get caught up in the shiny pretty mode...and not the look at where it is made mode.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and the recalls can be found here:

Click on the tab for recall and product safety – you can then look by month or by products.....

You can also sign up for email recall notices at the site.

Also there is a toy recall site: - but beware - it is a site of the Toy Industry Association.

I can’t tell you what to buy or not buy for your children – but please – place your child’s health above all else. Children do not care how much you buy them or what you pay for it – that’s all hype put out by the toy companies and the stores and why? They want you to go into debt before January 1 only because they ant to make tones of their yearly income before January 1.

Yes I am a cynic. But I am also a parent and a developmental psychologist and my goal as both is to have optimal development and that, to me, does not mean caving in to the ads. It means teaching children the difference between want and need – and that means you have to disagree with the TV programs that keep preaching to children to tell your parents you need...x,b,y,z,a,c,d,etc,etc.

But do remember you are the adult and you are in charge; your children and your wallet will be the happier.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Impeach Cheney ?

I got this from an Oregon Peace group member.....

House Resolution 333 for the impeachment of Vice President Dick Cheney is off the House floor, and has instead been sent to the Judiciary Committee for "further study."

This maneuver, organized by Pelosi and the Democratic leadership, is consistent with their mantra that impeachment is "off the table."

*But, we are told Nancy Pelosi is reported to have replied to the question of impeachment that if she received 10,000 hand written letters she would proceed with it.*

What are we waiting for?

Cindy Sheehan wrote this:

Dear Friends:

Instead of sending your impeachment letters for Dick Cheney to Nancy Pelosi's office, send them to my office so we can get an official count.

Please send them to:

Nancy Pelosi
c/o Cindy Sheehan
RE: Impeach Dick Cheney
1260 Mission Blvd
San Francisco, Ca 94103

Please only include the letter – nothing else .....
And send them today, Friday, November 16th , so they can be delivered to Pelosi’s office in San Francisco before Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Faux Noise Pornography

I do not watch Faux Noise but am glad Robert Greenwald's group does.

This is unbelievable [ no I take that back - it's most believable ! ]:

Or - Go to the site below and see how Faux Noise puts porn in all it's "news" segments and then sign the pledge to not watch Faux Noise and also contact the Faux Noise advertisers....

Fox News Porn

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Interesting tidbits of news

Clips from The Progress Report
The "hidden" economic costs to the United States of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan so far total approximately $1.5 trillion, costing the average U.S. family of four more than $20,000. The total includes higher oil prices, the expense of treating wounded veterans, and interest payments on the money borrowed to pay for the wars.

"The income gap between black and white families has grown," according to a new study by the Brookings Institution. One reason for the widening gap is that "incomes among black men have actually declined in the past three decades, when adjusted for inflation."

$19.5 million: Amount PhRMA spent from July 1, 2006, through June 30, 2007, aimed at killing legislation to speed the availability of less expensive generic drugs.

If I were a conspiracy theorist I might say these go hand in hand and result from a republic congress [with d's aiding and abetting] ...but then the right wingnuts would get royally pissed.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pakistan and mad king george

Not sure why mad king george thought that Musharraf would "share" power with Bhutto. It's like mad king george saying he wants "bipartisanship."

Our mad king george only knows one mantra - My way or the highway! He can't share - he can't even govern - but that's just like what his buddy Musharaff is is doing.

We all know, or know of, someone whose idea of "negotiating" starts with a condition such as: These terms are what you must agree to BEFORE we "negotiate." OK?

And of course what is out there to agree to is just what the dictator wants..Dictators don't negotiate...they just say those words but they have no meaning.

Most of the world has learned to watch what mad king george does and copy that - they pay no heed to his meaningless chatter - well unfortunately - all except the Democrats in Congress. For some reason they still think he means bipartisanship and negotiate when he says those now jargony words.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Warning - sexual smut hypocrisy from Faux Noise

Faux Noise uses gratuitous sexual images in all their broadcasts....all the while telling whoever watches that too much sex is shown on the airwaves...

Those very airwaves are supposed to belong to all of us - not the few who now "own" them!
From Robert Greenwald:

Today we have a surprise (well at least it surprised all of us at BNF). Thanks to the terrific work of the News Hounds, we bring you Fox and ole' Billy O'Reilly attacking decency. Yes, you read that right. The self-righteous, pompous, bloviators who deign to lecture on how we should behave in our personal lives, are in fact exploiting women, pandering to the lowest common denominator and pushing smut out on the airwaves on a daily basis!

And this will definitely raise your hackles. YOU ARE PAYING FOR THIS! Yes, you read that right too. So watch the video and pass it along to as many on your email list as possible. We simply must let the FCC know we are mad as hell about having their smut in our homes and being forced to pay for it. And we're simply not going to take it anymore.

Robert Greenwald, Cliff Schecter, and the Brave New Films team

P.S. Here's what Gloria Steinem had to say about the video: "Fox News shows more sexualized violence and humiliation than probably any other network -- all in the name of condemning it -- while under-showing violence in Iraq, all in the name of supporting it. After this video, smart viewers and advertisers will boycott Fox."

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Another toy recall alert!

Please read and check to see if you have Aqua Dots [US name] or Bindeez [Australian name] in your child's toy collection.

These are very dangerous as they contain a chemical that if swallowed converts into what is called the "date rape drug."

Full article HERE.

If I still had a child at home - I would not buy anything made in China - China does not inspect these nor it seems does the US and now Australia. The corporations and mr failure's cronies are happy to make money and wait to see if kids get sick or die!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hey - the shrub finally "won" something legally !!!!!

From USA Today
For the first time in the history of the Gallup Poll, 50% say they "strongly disapprove" of the president. Richard Nixon had reached the previous high, 48%, just before an impeachment inquiry was launched in 1974.

Congratulations mr pResident - you have finally met with success at some level somewhere....

Monday, November 05, 2007

Another "why am I not surprised?" post

Disclaimer - I take vitamins and supplements. I also market vitamins and supplements.

But did you ever stop to wonder why the big pharmas and your docs tell you vitamins are a waste of money?

Medical School Department Heads Financially Connected to Drug Companies
Breaking News
By VRP Staff

A new survey indicates that almost two thirds of department heads at U.S. medical schools have financial ties to drug companies.

The survey, conducted by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, was distributed to all 125 accredited medical schools and the nation’s largest teaching hospitals. A total of 459 of 688 eligible department chairs completed the survey.

The results indicated that many of the academic leaders at these institutions served as paid consultants to the pharmaceutical industry or accepted free meals and drinks from drug company representatives. Overall, 60 percent of the department heads had a personal financial relationship with the drug companies. Twenty-seven percent reported serving as a paid consultant to the pharmaceutical industry and an equivalent amount of respondents also reported serving on a drug company scientific advisory board. Furthermore, 21 percent of these academic leaders reported serving on speakers’ bureaus for the drug industry. Eleven percent of respondents were on the board of directors of companies involved in the medical industry. In short, the survey found that pharmaceutical companies are involved in every aspect of medical care.

The lead author of the study, Eric Campbell, pointed out that drug companies and makers of medical devices often take advantage of these academic connections to convince physicians to widely prescribe the companies’ products to patients, even if the products aren’t necessarily in the patients’ best interest. Campbell also co-authored a study last year, which found that these same links to drug companies occur on hospital review boards that oversee experiments on patients.


Campbell EG, Weissman JS, Ehringhaus S, Rao SR, Moy B, Feibelmann S, Goold SD. Institutional academic industry relationships. JAMA. 2007 Oct 17;298(15):1779-86.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Another beef recall? Yup!

Is anyone in the U.S. congress wondering why there have been so many recalls of all sorts of stuff this year? Or are they too busy cozying up to the same corporations that bring you ...E. Coli!

Today's recall below - and please note the beef was produced between October 8 and 11 - Isn't it now November 3rd?

U.S. agriculture giant Cargill recalls ground beef

Sat Nov 3, 2007 11:13am EDT

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Agricultural giant Cargill Inc. said on Saturday it is recalling over 1 million pounds of ground beef distributed in the United States because of possible E. Coli contamination.

Cargill Meat Solutions said the 1.084 million pounds (491,700 kg) of ground beef was produced at the Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, facility between October 8 and October 11, and distributed to retailers across the country.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture returned a confirmed positive for the E. coli bacteria on a sample produced on October 8, the company said.

Symptoms of E. coli 0157:H7 illness, the strain associated with the recall, include potentially severe stomach cramps, diarrhea and dehydration. Children, the elderly and people with poor immune systems are the must vulnerable.

Full article HERE

Friday, November 02, 2007

Back to ranting

The art show is over and I am slowly catching up on the parts of life that got put on hold while getting ready for the show.

In the last week I ranted on KBOO, a local community radio station, about women and power. That was fun and the next time I am a guest on the show I will bring my camcorder and tape it for editing and posting here.....

Women and power is a long-time rant of mine and each time I talk about the subject, more ideas come up - that happened on the air as well - in addition to the great call-ins from listeners!

But today my angriest rants are for those "d" people in congress who no longer represent us - only their own interests!

Pelosi - will be at a fund raiser for Al Wynn - a "d" who pretty predictably votes with the shrub! And why? Incumbent protection? Here's a quote from and about Pelosi:
Though crediting activists for their "passion," Pelosi called it "a waste of time" for them to target Democrats. "They are advocates," she said. "We are leaders."
Why this message? Because a people powered movement is backing Donna Edwards - a real "D" and Pelosi is apparently not happy with democratic processes.

Next we have Shumer and Feinstein who say they will vote for the nomination of Mukasey for AG - the guy who can't say if waterboarding is torture and who believes mad king george can do as he wishes - and the constitution be damned!

With "d" people like these - it makes me sad......

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Change of pace

I have ranted this week - but it's been in my own home : - )

My art group is having a show this coming Sunday and I have been busy getting ready. What I have learned is that although I love taking pictures and doing other forms of art - I HATE the "getting ready for a show" part. I'll be back to more regular blogging next week.

But I must say that watching the Red Sox win last night made the matting process a lot more fun...and after I set up my space this afternoon - I will return for more matting while watching game 2 of the World Series.

Here is our Press Release
ORA: Northwest Jewish Artists

Portland, Oregon- October 28th, 9am-3pm
Neveh Shalom
2900 SW Peaceful Lane
Portland Oregon

The magic begins as you enter our Main Exhibit Hall. Live music by well known recording artists and performers will greet your ears, and a coffee house featuring fresh treats will tantalize your palate as you listen to the musical stylings of Stephanie Schneiderman (of Dirty Martini fame), George Fendel, jazz pianist, and Justin Jude, recently named "Oregon's Best Singer/Songwriter 2007!"

Stroll from exhibit to exhibit to experience a unique show that blends the best elements of a gallery opening with an artist colony tour -- with a coffee house of a forgotten age tossed in. Celebrating their second year as a collective, ORA artists invite the public to
discover their new work. Although the artists are Jewish, Judaic and secular works are available for purchase.

Members of ORA are: Rosana Berdichevsky , collage and multi-media; Lynn Dorman, photography; Leslie Elder water colors, Robin Esterkin, water color, acrylic and mixed media; Laurie Fendel, fabric construction; Diane Fredgant, silk painting; Sara Harwin, fabric construction, acrylic painting and serigraph prints; Julie Hockley, hand-cast precious metal jewelry & ritual objects; Esther Liberman, handmade bead work; Sharon Segal, acrylic and mixed media paintings and cards; Eddy Shuldman, fused glass; and Sabina Wohlfeiler, water color paintings.

You don't need to be Jewish to come look, schmooze with the artists, nosh a little, and buy art that speaks to you., Best of all, admission is free!

For more information please visit our website:

Friday, October 19, 2007

Pete Stark [D-CA] gets mad at mr 24%

Pete Stark tells it like it is - but now some dem talking heads want him to apologize.

Why? Because it's true? Does Congress not like truth thee days? Seems so.

Next? What? Hearings and bills in both houses condemning "persons" who say bad things about mr 24%.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bad for my TV

Learned during Nixon's tenure to shut off the TV rather than to start yelling at it...or worse - toss something at it : - )

So that's exactly what I did when Steve King, a republic from Iowa got his allotted 1 minute and put up a chart that had the letters SCHIP going down the left and it read thusly:
Hillarycare for
Illegals and their

Figured then that the real issue was not about health care or insurance for children - it was another TV op spot for republics to show their hatred of the American people.

And those republics voted to stick with mr 24%...

Even tho that ship is going down - and many are leaving - the rats that voted to uphold the veto are staying with their "man."

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mr. 24%

Okay - not surprising - the shrub now has a 24 % approval rating...

I keep asking myself who are those 24% who still approve of this war-mongering, dry drunk who thinks vacations are the best use of his time.

It seems to me that the religious right wingnuts have moved away from him as he disappointed them by not catering to their religious agenda. He said the right things to get their votes but did not move any legislation to make them happy. So they are not in that 24 %.

The "real" conservatives - those Republicans who think the government should spend less and conserve money - well - at the rate the shrub spends - not only are they not in that 24% - some actually have become Democrats and more are thinking about a party switch.

So we are left with the neo-cons - those who want endless war and endless profits for their corporations. Good thing it's only a portion of that 24% of the population but I'm guessing they are in control of a majority of the companies here and elsewhere in the world and they have ties to all those dictators who also love money more than their countries.

Who are the others in that 24%? I fear it's the psychopathic/sociopathic personalities for whom hate, fear, terror and torture are uppermost in their minds. The shrub and his party have unleashed the darkness of these persons and they feel they have a right to kill, torture and maim - in in the name of protecting the shrub.

Look what has happened this week with the S-CHiP legislation. The 24%ers are stalking, urging mayhem, murder and all sorts of nastiness on children whose families dared to say they made use of S-CHIP.

Scary. These 24%ers are persons without a conscience - no empathy and no feelings - just like their "leader."

It's why we need a rational, emotional being in the presidency - psychopathic leaders create an atmosphere wherein psychopaths feel free to operate.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Investigate Rudy G.

Another in the series of the "Real Rudy" from Greenwald.

Read - watch and sign the petition

We have been deep in research, interviews and editing (23 versions!) about Rudy's failure to fix the radios the firemen used to communicate on 9/11. It is as deeply troubling a story as we have seen. Rudy is running for office on how he handled 9/11 and here we have proof positive that firemen were killed because his administration did not fix the long-standing (since 1993!) problems with the radios.

This BNF investigative report calls attention to four key questions about Rudy's handling of the broken radios from firemen's families and experts:

* Why was nothing done to improve FDNY radio performance for seven years after a clear need was demonstrated in the 1993 World Trade Center attack?
* When new radios were finally ordered, why did the city block other companies besides Motorola from bidding on the contract?
* Once Motorola was given the contract, why did its cost jump from $1.4 million to $14 million?
* Why were these new radios never tested?

These questions should and must be investigated. New York City councilman Eric Gioia has the power to begin an investigation. If we can garner enough attention and signers, we have a major opportunity to help launch an investigation.

Sign the petition: CLICK HERE

Friday, October 12, 2007

Accolades to Al Gore

President Al Gore won the Noble Peace Prize - sharing it with a UN Panel...all for his work on climate change.

So instead of being proud of him - the wingnuts are going crazy saying he's wrong - and besides his work has nothing to do with peace!

I say congrats and way to go President Al - and let's all ignore the wingnuts...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ahh my weird sense of humor

I just love it when faux noise is skewered - and done so well : - )

Another gem from Robert Greenwald

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Golly Gee [she says sarcastically]

Let's see - I have not posted about meat recalls because they have been all over the news - but I will post some here and make a comment.
Sam's Club is pulling frozen hamburgers made by agribusiness giant Cargill Inc. from its stores shelves across the United States as Minnesota health officials investigate four cases of E. coli associated with the burgers.

Topps Meat Company, one of the country’s largest manufacturers of frozen hamburgers, said yesterday that it was going out of business a week after it pulled back more than 21.7 million pounds of ground beef products in one of the largest meat recalls in recent years.

These follow the previous people food recalls, the pet food recalls, the toy recalls, the toothpaste recalls, and I forget what else recalls - but it has been along string of recalls!

Why? Because our "government" does not inspect well - or at all - and I will say IT DOES NOT CARE! When you have the predator guarding the food and toys - those will not be inspected...why should the predator harm it's own monetary well-being?

Now add to this that you are being taken advantage of in your health insurance - sometimes to the point of not getting care and you might see where I am going.

Our government does not care enough to inspect the food you eat...and it does not care enough to provide real health care and it does not care if your insurer "screws " you.

I have been called a cynic for saying that this administration would prefer we all die - here or in Iraq. Then not only won't we be using any health insurance - we won't be collecting Social Security!

Am I am cynic to think this? Someone prove me wrong. show me evidence that this Administration is actually watching out for the public welfare and punishing the malefactors and making them accountable. All they seem to do is worry about how all this affects Wall Street - not how it affects the people in this country and elsewhere.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Damn it - I'm angry

Why is that "health" care companies feel they have the right to scam Medicare clients and all others?

Why don't they do health care insuring [and assuring] and not "pick-your-pocket" and damn the consequences type of behavior?

From the Sunday New York Times
October 7, 2007
Medicare Audits Show Problems in Private Plans

WASHINGTON, Oct. 6 — Tens of thousands of Medicare recipients have been victims of deceptive sales tactics and had claims improperly denied by private insurers that run the system’s huge new drug benefit program and offer other private insurance options encouraged by the Bush administration, a review of scores of federal audits has found.

The problems, described in 91 audit reports reviewed by The New York Times, include the improper termination of coverage for people with H.I.V. and AIDS, huge backlogs of claims and complaints, and a failure to answer telephone calls from consumers, doctors and drugstores....The audits document widespread violations of patients’ rights and consumer protection standards. Some violations could directly affect the health of patients — for example, by delaying access to urgently needed medications. [emphasis mine - LD]
Full article here HERE

Call me whatever - but I'd rather have the government doing health care than these greedy , out-to-scam-everyone corporate types whose only interest is the bottom line and their shareholders.

The people buying the insurance? We are just pawns in their game. And I have seen the "game" both as a provider and as an insured! Believe me - insurance companies are out for your money - not your health!

Friday, October 05, 2007

VoteVets, Keith and moral disgust from the repugs

If you support our veterans and our children [aka troops] watch this clip from Keith Olbermann

The repugnant repugs are using the phony soldier crap from fat drug boy to raise money!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Do you need a laugh?

Because if you do - read this and thank you Kos.
[that's where I first saw this logo]

but the comments are really funny - especially with Larry Craig still in the news

And yes, this is real, not an extremely clever photoshop job, and truly encapsulates what the Republican Party is all about.

Wide stance? Check.

In Minneapolis? Check.

Prison stripe-wearing? Check.

Starry eyed? Check.

As for the elephant humping the "2008"...

Are they going for a "Still screwing the country in 2008" theme, or is it a reference to hypocritical adulterers like David Vitter and just about the entire Republican presidential field?

All of the above? Check!

Apparently they ran out of space for a collapsing bridge.

Update: Can't you just picture the Daily Show and Colbert Report writers salivating at the possibilities?

Update II: From the comments:

The Blue-to-Red ratio looks to be about 80%-20%. That sounds about right for the 2008 election too.

[I]t looks like the elephant is wrapping himself in the flag.

Very appropriate for 2008. The elephant has Assumed the Position

Crapping on Minneapolis?

Elephants only stand on their hind legs for one thing; count on the Extinction Party to know nothing of their habits.

[N]ot to mention that the head looks like a snake coming out of a monkey's ass.

And okay, this is my new favorite:

Total roadkill. [I]t really does look like an elephant that just got ran over by a truck and is now splattered and dazed on the ground, covered in skid marks.

And more from what might be one of the funniest threads ever on this site:

The Lone Star eye of Texas is trained on the "con" in convention. How appropriate

The head looks like it is partially decapitated.

An elephant never forgets how.

Judging by the shape of the eye, I'd say he's been shot in the face by Cheney.

Two updates

For info on the Bridgeton levee hearing go to:

And regarding Larry Craig....he has decided he will stay in his Senate seat... retire at the end of his term - and not seek re-election. Just what his Senate Republican allies did not want : - 0

Poor Larry Craig

Guess this too will be blamed on "activist judges."

The Minnesota judge refused to allow Larry Craig to withdraw his guilty plea......

“The defendant argues he pled in haste to prevent the allegation in this case from being publicized, thus doing damage to his political reputation. This pressure was entirely perceived by the defendant and was not a result of any action by the police, the prosecutor, or the court.”

The judge also scolded Craig for his argument that his plea was “not intelligently made.”

"The Defendant, a career politician with a college education, is of, at least, above-average intelligence. He knew what he was saying, reading, and signing,” Porter wrote.

Full article:

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

votevets counter the drug addict's noise

Mr drug addict who never wore a uniform has decreed that is you disagree with him and are a soldier - you are a "phony" soldier
and the wingnuts are gleeful about this new phrase he uses.....

Shame on all of them

Here is a votevets ad that says it better than I do....

Monday, October 01, 2007

Science? Not from this administration

Another in the long line of "my way - the mad king george way" - even about science - you know the area we used to say the USA was good at.

Well apparently science is not good anymore if it conflicts with a corporate bottom line!!

From an op-ed in the L.A. Times ...
What science the Bush administration chooses to stifle or promote seems to be a matter of politics and economics. According to a recent story in the Washington Post, the multibillion-dollar baby formula industry pressured the Department of Health and Human Services to weaken a 2004 public-service campaign promoting breast-feeding -- and it worked, even though the science supported the other side.

Numerous studies suggest that breast milk protects infants from developing certain illnesses and that formula-feeding increases their health risks.

The ad campaign was designed to drive home that point. Now the health of millions of infants is at risk because mothers don't have the scientific knowledge the ads would have conveyed to make an informed choice between breast- or formula-feeding.
According to the Post, a recent report by an agency within the Health and Human Services Department makes the same point as the canceled ads but has also been downplayed by the government because of pressure from the formula industry.

Full article,1,5921620.story

As a Developmental Psychologist who advocates "real" science and breast feeding for optimal development in infants - this is sickening!

Don't children count anymore? Rhetorical question - of course they don't...they don't vote!

If you are in D.C. on October 2 - you might be interested



Tuesday October 2

David A Clarke School of, Law, Bldg 39, Room 201

5:30-6:15pm Reception; 6:15-7:15 Screening; 7:15-7:45 Q&A

Red Line Metro to Van Ness/UDC Station

Enter between buildings 38 & 39 on Connecticut Avenue

For more information: 202.274.7400

Louis Brandeis: The People’s Attorney (2007)

Justice Louis D. Brandeis was universally regarded as one of the great champions of liberty, progress, and justice. A ferocious litigator with a deep sense of social justice, Brandeis was a pioneer. This film deftly weaves his complex personal life, his character and his achievements together to make a rich tapestry of a giant of US legal history.

Q&A with John Brittain, Chief Counsel and Senior Deputy Director for the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

Professor Brittain has a background of thirty-five years in the legal profession including twenty-eight years in legal education with substantial experience in public interest litigation. He was President of the National Lawyers Guild (1991-93) and is a past member of the National Board of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and a long time member of the National Conference of Black Lawyers and the National Bar Association.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Another recall - beef this time

From the New York Times

Beef Recall for E. Coli Is Expanded
Published: September 30, 2007

A meat company yesterday issued a nationwide recall for 21.7 million pounds of ground beef products after reports of up to 25 cases of illness caused by suspected E. coli bacteria in eight states, including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, federal officials reported.
The recall, by the Topps Meat Company of Elizabeth, N.J., covers a wide range of frozen hamburger patties and other products manufactured over the last year and bearing a “sell by” date or “best used by” date between last Tuesday and Sept. 25, 2008, along with the United States Department of Agriculture designation EST 9748.

Full article HERE

Friday, September 28, 2007

What are the Democrats afraid of?

I am baffled. What scares the Democrats, in both houses of congress, so much that vote with the repugs to condemn free speech in the form of an AD! Are they afraid of losing an election? of not staying in the power house that is D.C.?

From my point of view if you vote with the repugs - you ARE a repug! And I hope your constituents find a REAL democrat to face you in the next primary.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My neighborhood v. the "big boys"

If you read this blog regularly you know I have no great admiration for king george or his cronies....

And now we in our neighborhood are being treated to repug tactics by the local drainage district.

Long story made short - our road is a levee - and someone or some entity has demanded all trees be removed. We can't get a truthful statement from the powers-that-be...[sound familiar?] At first we were told it was FEMA - I guess in it's post Katrina CYA mode.....but it's not FEMA..

The drainage district started leveling trees and the neighborhood got an injunction....
The hearing is set for Friday where our side is presenting current science and their side is using propaganda and threats.

One person told the big businesses that the neighbors were going to be responsible for the levee failing due to our trying to keep the trees and the big boys have threatened law suits against the neighborhood if damage occurs... One big boy was asked if he would he sue the drainage district if the trees were cut and that caused the levee to breach? No response.

Stay tuned for another people v. the powers-that-be saga from one small, very small, portion of Portland Oregon - a stretch of road that is less than 2 miles in length - but the road is a levee - hence the issues.

Check out more at my neighborhood blog: by clicking here

Sunday, September 23, 2007

How sad that we allow greed to run nursing homes!

I'm cross posting this from grow older better, my blog on healthy aging.

How terrible - but how American.

Corporate bottom lines take precedence over care for the least able to care for themselves - children and the elderly! MONEY is the prime mover in our country thee days....and id you are not among the millionaires - forget getting help! You just don't count...well except for the money the corporations can make off you...

And ask yourself - why do we continue to allow this?

From the New York Times
September 23, 2007
More Profit and Less Nursing at Many Homes

Habana Health Care Center, a 150-bed nursing home in Tampa, Fla., was struggling when a group of large private investment firms purchased it and 48 other nursing homes in 2002.

The facility’s managers quickly cut costs. Within months, the number of clinical registered nurses at the home was half what it had been a year earlier, records collected by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services indicate. Budgets for nursing supplies, resident activities and other services also fell, according to Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration.

The investors and operators were soon earning millions of dollars a year from their 49 homes.

Residents fared less well. Over three years, 15 at Habana died from what their families contend was negligent care in lawsuits filed in state court. Regulators repeatedly warned the home that staff levels were below mandatory minimums. When regulators visited, they found malfunctioning fire doors, unhygienic kitchens and a resident using a leg brace that was broken.

“They’ve created a hellhole,” said Vivian Hewitt, who sued Habana in 2004 when her mother died after a large bedsore became infected by feces.

Habana is one of thousands of nursing homes across the nation that large Wall Street investment companies have bought or agreed to acquire in recent years.

Those investors include prominent private equity firms like Warburg Pincus and the Carlyle Group, better known for buying companies like Dunkin’ Donuts.

As such investors have acquired nursing homes, they have often reduced costs, increased profits and quickly resold facilities for significant gains.

But by many regulatory benchmarks, residents at those nursing homes are worse off, on average, than they were under previous owners, according to an analysis by The New York Times of data collected by government agencies from 2000 to 2006.

Full article HERE

Friday, September 21, 2007

Yea for MoveOn

Look at this!

Dear MoveOn member,

Yesterday, an amazing thing happened. After the Senate's shameful vote, and after President Bush called MoveOn "disgusting,"1 our email started to fill up with messages like this one:

I'm currently in Iraq. I do not agree with this war, and if I did support this war, it would not matter. You have the RIGHT to speak the truth. We KNOW that you support us. Thank you for speaking out for being our voice. We do not have a voice. We are overshooted by those who say that we soldiers do not support organizations like MoveOn. WE DO.

YOU ARE OUR voice.

And then came the donations. By midnight, over 12,000 people had donated $500,000—more than we've raised any day this year—for our new ad calling out the Republicans who blocked adequate rest for troops headed back to Iraq.

The message from MoveOn members was loud and clear: Don't back down. Take the fight back to the issues that matter.

So today we're shooting for a very ambitious goal: Reach $1 million so we can dramatically expand the campaign we launched yesterday going after politicians who support this awful war. Can you chip in $25 toward our goal?

You can contribute to MoveOn by clicking HERE

All day, messages from vets and military family members kept pouring into our email, many of them aimed at the Senate:

I have given a son to this country. My brother, my father, my uncle have all served honorably and bravely. I am a loyal American. I am outraged and sick to death of the tactics this administration uses to try to silence dissent to a war that is unjust, built and maintained on lies, political power, and greed. I was content to let others fight more loudly, but no more.
–Sharyn W., NC

I am a prior soldier who served in Iraq for 13 months, and am now an expecting mom with a husband who is deployed in Baghdad. I don't think I can ever forgive the Bush administration for the lies that tricked America into this war and hurt my family so badly. I am ashamed of those American politicians who would condemn an organization for practicing the Freedom of Speech that so many soldiers have died for.
–Danielle B., OH

As a US Navy veteran and an Iraq war veteran of over a year I want to ask, What has happened to us? What has happened to our voice? Where is this country going with stopping free speech and free press? ... Every time I think of the long nights I had in Anbar remembering what I was fighting for, well here it is....
–Ahmad H., LA

These folks have made sacrifices many of us can't imagine. Their charge to us was clear: keep speaking the truth about how President Bush and the Republicans have betrayed our trust.

So we're going to expand our ad campaign—keep it on the air longer and run it against other politicians who helped block adequate rest time for our troops. Can you chip in $25 to do it?

You can contribute to MoveOn by clicking HERE

And still the messages kept coming ...

I've had three nephews serve since 2002, one of whom was killed in Anbar Province. I have a fourth nephew at Quantico training. I want this war over before he is deployed and before any more of our soldiers are sacrificed.
–Michele R., NE
Three members of my family are military. Two Marines have served in Iraq and an Army Lt. is deploying in November. If we had all spoken out when the administration used General Powell perhaps we would not be in this mess.
–Carol B., PA

As a Marine I served for many reasons but one of them was to allow people the freedom of speech, whether I agreed with it or not. Wearing a uniform does not mean someone isn't a shill, is spewing propaganda, and downright lies. MoveOn has every right to buy an ad and say what they want about a public figure. This administration has lied to us, deceived us, misled us and when posed with a challenge this is how they respond?
–Keith G., VA

The Senate won't pass a policy to end the war or even to make sure our troops in the field have enough rest time between deployments, but they hold votes to crack down on millions of Americans who are upset about the war?

Well—it isn't going to work. We put together a hard-hitting ad that highlights how Republicans failed our troops and if we can raise enough money today, we'll air it across the country. Please help if you can:

For all of us on the MoveOn staff, this week was a bit of a rollercoaster—MoveOn was attacked by nearly the entire Republican party, while too many Democrats ran for the hills. But what kept us going were messages like these—and the incredible privilege we feel to serve all 3.2 million Americans in

When the story is written of how the Iraq war ended, you will be the heroes. Thank you.

–Eli, Adam G., Adam R., Anna, Carrie, Daniel, Erik, Ilyse, Jennifer, Joan, Justin, Karin, Laura, Marika, Matt, Natalie, Nita, Noah, Tanya, Tom & Wes Political Action
Friday, September 21st, 2007


1. "Bush: ad on Petraeus 'disgusting'," CNN, September 20, 2007.

You can contribute to MoveOn by clicking HERE

Outrage at Democrats

We would all like the Democrats to stop enabling mad king george...but it's not going to happen

Very few of our elected officials in D.C. are there to represent us...once they get to D.C. they love the power and they want to get along with everyone and stay there. Hence a Lieberman who felt entitled to his Senate seat and the Democrats who joined in the farcical vote on MoveOn's ad.

They want to be seen by repugs in their states as "nice" and "easy-to-get-along-with" and assume the Democrats in their state will vote for them solely because they have a D and not an R attached to them.

Sorry - if you vote keep voting against your constituents - you do not deserve to stay in D.C. You work for us, the public - not mad king george.

If you continue on this path that takes you to repug-lite, strong candidates will contest your election - and they will be <<<<DEMOCRATS>>>> not repug-lites or I's pretending to be D's but are really R's.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ads and idiocy

Remember MoveOn's Betray-Us ad? Well the Senate, which has low ratings and presumable nothing else to do except talk about newspaper ads voted - yes actually voted - to condemn MoveOn.

Here are the Democrats who voted to condemn! Idiocy..sheer idiocy - guess they forgot we still have a 1st Amendment - but they kowtow to the repugs on issues like this:
Baucus (D-MT), Bayh (D-IN), Cardin (D-MD), Carper (D-DE), Casey (D-PA), Conrad (D-ND), Dorgan (D-ND), Feinstein (D-CA), Johnson (D-SD), Klobuchar (D-MN), Kohl (D-WI), Landrieu (D-LA), Leahy (D-VT), Lincoln (D-AR), McCaskill (D-MO), Mikulski (D-MD), Nelson (D-FL), Nelson (D-NE), Pryor (D-AR), Salazar (D-CO), Tester (D-MT), Webb (D-VA)

No wonder the alleged Democrat-led Congress gets a higher ranking among Repugs than among Democrats!!

Think about it Congress.

And if you are so inclined - MoveOn now has a petition to deliver to Congress about this stifling of free speech:

Here is the full text of the petition:
"I will not be quiet, I will fight back, and I will keep speaking out until Congress forces an exit plan for this awful war."
You can sign the petition here:

A gentle note to commenters

While comments are neat to get - they should add to the discussion on the topic under which you post them.

Comments on this blog are moderated. Why?

Sadly too many comments read like this:
Love your blog. Go see my website and buy buy buy....

So comment away - but keep it on topic - express your views...even if you disagree with me

But if you want to place an ad, ask me about advertising here

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

H.L. Mencken got it right - sadly right

I saw this before but it bears repeating:

From McClatchy news
Commentary: Bush fulfills H.L. Mencken's prophecy
By Joseph L. Galloway | McClatchy Newspapers

It took just eight decades but H.L. Mencken's astute prediction on the future course of American presidential politics and the electorate's taste in candidates came true:

On July 26th, 1920, the acerbic and cranky scribe wrote in The Baltimore Sun: "...all the odds are on the man who is, intrinsically, the most devious and mediocre — the man who can most easily (and) adeptly disperse the notion that his mind is a virtual vacuum. The presidency tends, year by year, to go to such men. As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron."

Full article HERE

Faux and Balanced?

Robert Greenwald asks a good question:
So we throw the question to you, our activists and media observers. What should be done about FOX? And given this ridiculous imbalance, should we encourage liberals and Democrats to stop going on FOX until the rules are fair, the deck is not stacked?

Give us your thoughts…

This Faux and Balanced noise-cast is what he refers to...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Be a co-sponsor - bring back habeas corpus

Remember Habeas Corpus? It was around for centuries until the shrub decided it had to go. But now you can be a citizen co-sponsor of a bill to restore habeas corpus...

From the website:

Become A Citizen Co-Sponsor:

This week, we have a critical opportunity to restore habeas corpus.

The Habeas Corpus Restoration Act gives us a chance to reverse one of the Bush Administration's many assaults on our civil liberties.

We all want to make America safe from terrorism, but becoming a nation that sanctions the unlawful detention of its own residents -- detaining and jailing them without the chance to appear before a judge -- does not make us safe. Instead, it violates a value that we have held dear for centuries -- safeguarding our individual freedom before arbitrary state action.

Here is the link to the site:

Thank you Sally Fields

I don't watch the Emmy awards but did read that Faux Noise censored Sally Field's acceptance speech when she spoke of mothers and war...[hint - she said g-d damned]

Thanks to Canadian TV we have the uncensored speech - Way to go Sally - my sentiments exactly!

MoveOn responds to Rudy

Good old Rudy - he so disliked MoveOn's NYT ad about General Betray Us - he took our his own NYT ad to attack MoveOn and the Dems [Hillary in particular.]

MoveOn has a response to Rudy.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Oh no ! Oh yes!

The republican field of candidates just got funnier!

On Friday, Sept. 14, Alan Keyes filed a Statement of Candidacy (Form 2) with the Federal Election Commission–thus officially announcing as a Republican candidate for President of the United States.

Keyes told Janet Parshall, host of a nationally syndicated radio show, that he’s “unmoved” by the lack of moral courage shown by the other candidates, among whom he sees no standout who articulates the “key kernel of truth that must, with courage, be presented to our people.”

He added, “The one thing I’ve always been called to do is to raise the standard . . . that there is a national standard of our allegiance to God and His authority that has been the foundation stone of our nation’s life”–and he decried the lack of “forthright, clear, and clarion declaration” from the other candidates concerning this issue…

Now in addition to:
"my bombs are better than yours"
and "I'm tougher than you"
and " I hate immigrants more than you do"

We now add - TA DA !!!!

"I'm closer to g-d than you all are"
"I'm a better christian than any of you"
"I hate gays more than you do"

Oh yes and now even Uncle Freddie must attend....

And with Newt thinking he is being "called" into this campaign..who knows - we couold be laughing ourselves silly in a bit :- )

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

sobering thought

Petraeus can't say if "success" Iraq will ultimately make us safer at home.....

And that leads to these questions

1 - "why are we still there?" and

2- why is this guy NOT thinking about safety of the United States?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Take action

Watch the video

Sign the ....petition

The politicians in D.C. think only of themselves and how to stay there as if it were their right to be in congress - they DON"T care about thier constituents unless we make a lot more noise than the "inside D.C. media."

So here's to making noise.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Progress - king george style

If you are tired of this "progress" lie - please call your Congressional delegation...

Too many of our children and Iraqi children are dying as this madman lies and lies and lies
and then asks for more time, patience, etc. that form one who has zero patience and is ready to
zap anyone who disagrees with him.

Watch him lie:

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Real Freddie Thompson

Brought to you by bravenewfilms

PS - Fred's real name is Freddie and he got married when a teen cuz his g.f. was pregnant...Another wing nut hypocrite.....

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Real Rudy

Now that we have had a laugh at Rudy - we can cry along with those who lost family on 9/11 because Rudy is a liar who deals only with someone else we know...

Morality - the republican way!

Wow - some Democrats [the DCCC] have finally figured out how to be correct, creative and willing to confront!

The repugs will chafe at videos like this but as nothing here is incorrect - their only defense might be to lie! Who'd imagine a repug lying?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The mighty mouths - or is it moths?

It was such fun reading dailykos about the "mine is bigger than yours gang" debate on faux noise that I turned on the TV. Reminded me of when I was in graduate school and my friends and roomies would not allow me to watch Nixon because I threw something at our TV set once to turn it off I think....and we poor graduate students couldn't afford a new one...

I no longer throw things at repugs on TV - I have learned to turn it off...of course it helps also that I now have a remote and do not have to move my body : - )

Went back to kos for a fun's like the sites that watch faux so we don't have to - posters on kos watch the debates so I do not have to...thank you

Your favorite Rudy "mistake?"

Rudy was asked about mistakes in his life and now you can watch the Robert Greenwald video and think of which mistake best defines Rudy.

I am a native New Yorker - and although I have not lived there in decades I still define myself as a NYer...We can leave NY but it never leaves when a mayor as mistake-prone as rudy starts running like he is mr. perfect - he deserves all the videos we can come up with sowing his "finer" points......

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Yes there is a toy recall

Mattel toy recall

The latest recall involves three Fisher-Price toy models and eight Barbie brand playsets. No Barbie dolls were included.

Mattel instructs people to go to its Web site (click HERE) to establish whether they own an affected toy. After they fill out a form and send back the affected parts, Mattel will send them replacement and bonus parts.

more lead? more toys? more china?

Stay tuned - if the rumors are true, more toys with lead in the paint and made in China - are being recalled tomorrow by Mattel.
I'll post info as soon as I know of the recall.

So what's new in your corner of the recall world?

Where is Condi?

I had just been thinking that we have not heard very much from or about Condi - when there she was i- n a photo op with her husband - oops the shrub....making a secret trip to Iraq - you know the place that's so safe lawmakers who go to Baghdad do not leave the Green zone? And so safe the shrub avoids Baghdad...

What has she been doing of late? Has she been pushed aside by someone? for an admin that loves and seeks out all manner of photo ops - she is strangely silent lately.

Is she conducting top secret diplomacy somewhere around the globe? or is she busy getting ready to lie to use again [about Iran this time?]

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy September

Ok - this is THE month - the one all the Republicans and BushDems have been waiting for. The one wherein we see how the surge is going...the one the R's said is a deadline for them.....

Iraq is so "safe" our cheer-leader-in-chief has to fly there in secret.....but he'll come back and tell Congress how super-duper everything is there and that all he needs is patience and time...and then it will be perfect.

And the sad part is that Cpngress will buy it - they will gie him more money, more times and more dead children..

Shame on Congress. We know the shrub has no shame - you need some semblance of conscience for shame and he is utterly lacking in empathy, conscience, and ability to plan ahead....

All he has is FEAR - and he will again make the D's afraid that he will call them wusses...and so they cave.

Me, I'd rather be called a wuss...

Friday, August 31, 2007

What we learned from the repugs this week!

That screwing around with prostitutes is okay, being adulterous is fine, serial marrying is okay - that's all part and parcel of family values for repugs!

BUT - being gay? Oops - that's not something we can deal Senator Craig is leaving...and Senator Vitter is staying and the several times married prez-wanna-bes are still running - and the repugs are joyous!.

I'd rather be a democrat.....

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Orleans - 2 years after Katrina

Katrina happened 2 years ago today! And New Orleans is still waiting for the promised help to arrive.....

it took about 2 weeks for mr-i-am-your-savior to say:
We will do what it takes, we will stay as long as it takes, to help citizens rebuild their communities and their lives. This great city will rise again.

Shrub got to Minnesoat more quickly and I'll bet that in two years the bridge in Minnesota is fully functional....

Watch this video and contact your elected officials...

the levee break was on shrub's watch - as was September 11th, 2001 -
please remember that Republicans do not, I repeat , do not like citizens - they only like money and power...

And where was mr-so-concerned two years ago? Celebrating a birthday, cake and all in the photo ops, with mr-I want-to-be-president mccain.

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The "best" of Gonzo

From TPM [I like # 3 the best - and you can tell TPM what your best Gonzo moment is]
TPM email at end of clip

Senator Craig [R- Idaho] another gay R

Back in April 0f 2005 I posted this:

Since then, several prominent republicans have been found engaging in homosexual activities. There is nothing wrong with same-sex sex...if it is consensual.. BUT - there is a big problem with hypocrisy..and that's what is wrong with the gay republicans. There are gay repugs who are not in any closets and they actually vote for people like mad king george - altho why I can not fathom.

In my mind, the psychology side of it, I know that those repugs who are most adamantly against anything gay are those who have a problem with their own sexuality. They actually hate that part of their life and so despise themselves for their own sexual feelings for someone of the same sex - that they run the other way to somehow prove they are not gay. They do this by sponsoring and voting for all anti-gay legislation, getting married and fathering a lot of children. And they rev up the right wing allegedly "religious" base and not only do they keep getting elected, they get many states to enact anti-gay provisions because they turn all this self-loathing this into large voter turn out coupled with lots of money.

If they only admitted they had feelings for persons of the same sex, whether or not they acted on those feelings, we would have a much more compassionate country. Instead these self-hating bigots push their so-called religion on all of us - whether we are believers or not.

Ask yourself [if you agree with people like Senator Craig] - would Jesus kill gay person?


I am not gay but I pled guilty to avoid problems...odd legal defense...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Two takes on Gonzo

This from one who lives inside a bubble inside his own head inside the WH:

“It is sad that we live in a time when a talented and honorable person like Alberto Gonzales is impeded from doing important work because his good name was dragged through the mud for political reasons,” Bush said at a press conference in Crawford, Texas.

The President praised Gonzales for his “integrity, decency and principle.” He added that in his two and a half years as attorney general, Gonzales “has played a critical role in shaping our policies and the war on terror and has worked tirelessly to make this country safer.”

This from Sidney Blumenthal:

In the weeks leading up to his resignation, Gonzales was undoubtedly aware of the various investigations into his activities, the avenues being pursued and the witnesses questioned, not all of them in public. As a practiced attorney, he knew that once he left government service he would become less interesting to investigators and that whatever revelations were unearthed would have less political impact. The logic of his resignation became indisputable from his own narrow interest and the larger interest of the administration. But the resignation of Rove severed his lifeline to his political control agent. Without Rove, Gonzales was adrift.

From the beginning of his rise with George W. Bush until the day of his abrupt resignation, Alberto Gonzales was anointed, directed and protected by Karl Rove. At the Department of Justice, Gonzales served as Rove's figurehead. In the real line of authority, the attorney general, a constitutional officer, reported to the White House political aide. Bush did not nickname Gonzales "Fredo," after the weak brother in "The Godfather," without reason.

Full Blumenthal article here: