Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Real Freddie Thompson

Brought to you by bravenewfilms

PS - Fred's real name is Freddie and he got married when a teen cuz his g.f. was pregnant...Another wing nut hypocrite.....

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Real Rudy

Now that we have had a laugh at Rudy - we can cry along with those who lost family on 9/11 because Rudy is a liar who deals only with someone else we know...

Morality - the republican way!

Wow - some Democrats [the DCCC] have finally figured out how to be correct, creative and willing to confront!

The repugs will chafe at videos like this but as nothing here is incorrect - their only defense might be to lie! Who'd imagine a repug lying?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The mighty mouths - or is it moths?

It was such fun reading dailykos about the "mine is bigger than yours gang" debate on faux noise that I turned on the TV. Reminded me of when I was in graduate school and my friends and roomies would not allow me to watch Nixon because I threw something at our TV set once to turn it off I think....and we poor graduate students couldn't afford a new one...

I no longer throw things at repugs on TV - I have learned to turn it off...of course it helps also that I now have a remote and do not have to move my body : - )

Went back to kos for a fun's like the sites that watch faux so we don't have to - posters on kos watch the debates so I do not have to...thank you

Your favorite Rudy "mistake?"

Rudy was asked about mistakes in his life and now you can watch the Robert Greenwald video and think of which mistake best defines Rudy.

I am a native New Yorker - and although I have not lived there in decades I still define myself as a NYer...We can leave NY but it never leaves when a mayor as mistake-prone as rudy starts running like he is mr. perfect - he deserves all the videos we can come up with sowing his "finer" points......

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Yes there is a toy recall

Mattel toy recall

The latest recall involves three Fisher-Price toy models and eight Barbie brand playsets. No Barbie dolls were included.

Mattel instructs people to go to its Web site (click HERE) to establish whether they own an affected toy. After they fill out a form and send back the affected parts, Mattel will send them replacement and bonus parts.

more lead? more toys? more china?

Stay tuned - if the rumors are true, more toys with lead in the paint and made in China - are being recalled tomorrow by Mattel.
I'll post info as soon as I know of the recall.

So what's new in your corner of the recall world?

Where is Condi?

I had just been thinking that we have not heard very much from or about Condi - when there she was i- n a photo op with her husband - oops the shrub....making a secret trip to Iraq - you know the place that's so safe lawmakers who go to Baghdad do not leave the Green zone? And so safe the shrub avoids Baghdad...

What has she been doing of late? Has she been pushed aside by someone? for an admin that loves and seeks out all manner of photo ops - she is strangely silent lately.

Is she conducting top secret diplomacy somewhere around the globe? or is she busy getting ready to lie to use again [about Iran this time?]

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy September

Ok - this is THE month - the one all the Republicans and BushDems have been waiting for. The one wherein we see how the surge is going...the one the R's said is a deadline for them.....

Iraq is so "safe" our cheer-leader-in-chief has to fly there in secret.....but he'll come back and tell Congress how super-duper everything is there and that all he needs is patience and time...and then it will be perfect.

And the sad part is that Cpngress will buy it - they will gie him more money, more times and more dead children..

Shame on Congress. We know the shrub has no shame - you need some semblance of conscience for shame and he is utterly lacking in empathy, conscience, and ability to plan ahead....

All he has is FEAR - and he will again make the D's afraid that he will call them wusses...and so they cave.

Me, I'd rather be called a wuss...