Friday, April 27, 2007

mr. 28%

how dare mr. 28% [a.k.a. the cheer-leader-in-chief] say he is correct about anything?

he who has lied to the world, keeps lying cronies in seats of power, and listens to none - except his sychophants who, as I have said, all seem to have their own sexual/power issues

Only 28% of the US population believe him or believe in him - they too are deluded...

And - WOW - even the MSM media is beginning to call mr. 28% deluded! A few years late on that - but at least some have figured it out....

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Disillusioned Soldiers

From MoveOn

George Bush keeps saying that he's the one who supports the troops and those of us who want to end the war don't. Someone has to take him on for that. And John Bruhns—who served in Iraq as a sergeant—is the man to do it.

MoveOn members chose John to be the subject of a TV ad by Oliver Stone as part of our VideoVets project. After coming home, John decided he could no longer remain silent. He says keeping our troops in Iraq without end is "wrong, immoral, and irresponsible." He's brave and patriotic, and his first-hand truth is an essential antidote to the administration's lies.

We talked to John this morning, and he's really moved by this whole experience. Here's a note he asked us to pass on to MoveOn members:

I'm overwhelmed by the statements of those who saw my video. I can't put into words how honored I am that people were so moved by it. For so long I felt so helpless—in a sense that there was nothing I could do to make a difference in regards to ending the war and educating the American people on the reality of the situation. I made a promise to myself in Iraq that if I was lucky enough to make it home I would do everything in my power to help transition us out of the war. Thank you all so very much for giving me this tremendous opportunity. I am very grateful.

Oliver Stone and his team are working on the ad as we speak. And John is getting ready to get on a plane and go work with them. We want to make sure as many people as possible hear John's message about the real cost of war.

Here is John's video clip:

And here is a link to contribute to contribute to MoveOn to get this out to the more general public.....
contribute to MoveOn here

Olbermann has it correct again

Keith Olbermann expresses everything I could [and do] say about Giuliani. Even though I have not lived in NYC since 1963 - it is still MY city - MY hometown and the place I still identify with.
[Once a NYer- always a NYer : - )]

And I hope everyone in the country is made aware that on September 10, 2001 - Giuliani was not seen as a great Mayor - he was the one who tried to move his mistress into Gracie Mansion - while his then wife and children were still in residence!

He was the arrogant s-o-b who insisted on keeping the Communication Center for NYC in the World Trade Center - even though the Trade Center had been attacked years before and was still a known target.

Keith goes through a litany of Giuliani's idiocy - watch and know this person who wants to be president!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Women and work

There is a new study out that tells us one year out of college - women earn 80 cents for every dollar men earn...

Ok - so people see that and go - well 20 cents isn't that bad ....

What the headlines do not say is that 10 years out - that 80 cents becomes 69 cents!

So women in the work force - if you have been working 10 years or more - you make 31 cents an hour less than your male counterpart - for equivalent jobs and responsibilities!

These figures have been pretty bad as far back as I can remember. And as one who was denied jobs solely because I was a female - I decided that I would work for me - and have done so with only a few scattered attempts at working for others....

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Melamine in Pet Food

Finally the USA is trying to figure out if this was put in the "food" as a way to increase the measure of protein...

Intentions aside - what I find sad and bothersome is that the USA used to be the place where you could grow and buy farm produce.

Why is no one asking why we need to buy wheat and other products for pet food making from China? Could it be that our pet food companies are looking only at their bottom line and not the heath of your pet?

Now- again - it seems even people food is contaminated as melamine as been found at a California pig farm. They fed the pigs "stuff" from a pet food plant - which bought the "stuff" from guess where? China!

Oops - melamine may be in the human food chain - why am I not surprised?

Seems no one is really upset that we have given away our farm production and pet food and human food production to countries where the poorly paid laborers are only paid to do what they are told...

And here in the USA we have Federal Agencies also only doing what they are told - and they have been told loudly and clearly - do not investigate food and ports - and be sure all documents and research coming our of Federal Agencies pass the party line litmus test.

Who is now in charge of protecting the citizens of the USA and our pets?
D'oh - easy answer - not anyone who is allowed to take action.