Sunday, April 22, 2007

Melamine in Pet Food

Finally the USA is trying to figure out if this was put in the "food" as a way to increase the measure of protein...

Intentions aside - what I find sad and bothersome is that the USA used to be the place where you could grow and buy farm produce.

Why is no one asking why we need to buy wheat and other products for pet food making from China? Could it be that our pet food companies are looking only at their bottom line and not the heath of your pet?

Now- again - it seems even people food is contaminated as melamine as been found at a California pig farm. They fed the pigs "stuff" from a pet food plant - which bought the "stuff" from guess where? China!

Oops - melamine may be in the human food chain - why am I not surprised?

Seems no one is really upset that we have given away our farm production and pet food and human food production to countries where the poorly paid laborers are only paid to do what they are told...

And here in the USA we have Federal Agencies also only doing what they are told - and they have been told loudly and clearly - do not investigate food and ports - and be sure all documents and research coming our of Federal Agencies pass the party line litmus test.

Who is now in charge of protecting the citizens of the USA and our pets?
D'oh - easy answer - not anyone who is allowed to take action.

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