Tuesday, February 17, 2009

War on Greed

From BraveNew Films:

What would you do with an extra $18,000 in your pocket?

That's the amount of extra cash each and every Burger King employee in America would have received last year if Goldman Sachs (one of the fast-food chain's largest owners) had shared its bailout billions with rank-and-file workers. Instead, Goldman Sachs squandered 6.5 billion of our taxpayer dollars on bonuses for their financial staff. These were some of the highest bonuses on Wall Street! Meanwhile, Burger King workers earn wages averaging just $14,000 a year -- well below the federal poverty line for a family of three.

Goldman Sachs has been having it their way with Burger King workers for too long. It's high time you had it your way with Goldman Sachs. Tell the Wall Street giant how they could have used the $6.5 billion blown on bonuses. We're looking for the most creative, constructive, or comical ideas to curb corporate greed and help fix the financial crisis. We will send all ideas to Goldman Sachs as a reprimand for their wastefulness. The winner of the Have It Your Way with Goldman Sachs contest will have their idea featured in our next video. The contest ends March 3.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Portland Area Persons

Top reasons to go to the Celsi Dinner

Celsi 1

7. Suspense: Will John Vandermosten shave his sesquicentennial beard (Oregon's sesquicentennial, his beard) before the Celsi award?

6. Opportunity: Last chance to heckle John Kroger before he gets all Attorney Generally (C'mon bloggers, you know it's more fun the old fashioned way.)

5. Thrills: A chance to hook bump with Steve Novick.

4. Amazement: KC Hanson in a pink boa. (Ok, that one's a maybe.)

3. Fun: There’s plenty of time to be serious the rest of the year.

2. Power: 2% of the entire US Senate. What more do you want???

1. But seriously, here's the top reason: We can't take for granted our successes in the election just past. “Community organizing” doesn't cost a lot of money, but it costs some. We (and by we I mean you) can be the best hub for volunteer political action in the county (maybe the state?). This fundraiser and our monthly donors will make that possible.

The ticket deadline looms. Please buy your tickets by Monday night, or place a frantic call to Susan Silodor Tuesday morning.

Multnomah Democrats' Annual Celsi Dinner. Celsi Award. McCoy Award. Attorney General John (The Hammer) Kroger. Steve (The Hook) Novick. KPOJ's Carl Wolfson. Blue Oregon's Karol Collymore. Fabulous Silent and Live Auction items. Lots of beautiful (and charming!) Democrats. And...

TWO United States Senators from Oregon!! Senior and Junior. Both. All.

Friday, February 20, 2009 (Day 32 of the Post Bush Era), 6:00 PM


Melody Ballroom, 615 SE Alder Street, Portland

How do I get tickets?

Click here: https://secure.dpo.org/cgi-bin/d6.pl/multdems/celsi09.html
Or contact Vice Chair Susan Silodor at Celsi@multdems.org

See you there!