Saturday, September 27, 2008

Is This McCain's "Code" for Racism?

I watched the debate with friends - all Democrats - so we laughed, yelled and said HUH? pretty much in unison to some of the nonsensical statements of McSame.

But today I re-watched some of the debate and was more aghast at McSame's condescending attitude shown by not looking Obama in the eye and just being an arrogant asshole - as when he kept saying that Obama just did not understand.

I recognized the eyes averted sneer from when I lived in DC - which is predominantly black. Tourists in the Mall or Hill area, tended to use this same non-eye-contact when they saw black men...[yes if you lie in DC long enough you can spot tourists and differentiate them from the residents:-)]. My black friends, especially males, said it made them feel like they were not "there." It was a condescending look and I am sure that McCain absolutely meant it to convey that a black man was not fit to be on the same stage with him!

This video captures much of the nastiness. It's nasty racism in the way that republics do it best - snidely!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Is McCain Sick?

What is John McCain NOT telling us?

I was at a Merkley fundraiser last night and many of us noted that McCain has taken on more of a death pallor...

One person noted his $4000 make up session...HUH? What does 4K buy you?
Is it a cover-up for some serious medical condition that he wants no one to see on TV?

Another noted that some blogs and online reports suggested that his left eye was droopy and maybe he's had a stroke.

Another said he caught a glimpse of him on TV and he looked sick...

And my psychology head went AHA - his week of flip flopping on economics, sounding more mixed up than usual and this nonsense with his trying to avoid tonight's debate made more sense.

Is he having some issue affecting his brain?

And then the reality hit!

What if he is really really sick...and "wins" [stolen elections anyone?] look what is in store for us with Sarah Palin, she who is making the shrub sound more intelligent everyday...and we know how hard she has to work to make the shrub sound intelligible.

So McCain needs to release not only past health records but very current ones..

The public has a right to know if McCain is having a medical issue affecting his brain.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Got parents or grandparents in Florida?

Just in time for a High Holiday visit comes this delightful video from Sarah Silverman suggesting why you need to go visit.

The Audacity of McSame

Even I, the cynic, am amazed at the political hypocritical audacity of John McSame.

He who admitted knowing nothing about the economy, he of the deregulation that got us where we are today, he of the Keating 5 scandal, he whose campaign staff is filled with lobbyists, he who had Phil Gramm as an advisor, he whose campaign head is on the books lobbying against regulation for the failed Fannie Freddie mess, he who is tanking in the polls...

He who has not been in the Senate to vote almost all year... That very same person is now such an expert on the economy that he needed to go back to D.C. and fix the mess [he helped create.]

What bullshit....

What he really wants is for the veep debate to be canceled as they now see what a light weight the have for a using all the Rove tricks still left - he decides to suspend his campaign and asked Obama to do the same...He even canceled his appearance at the first debate set for tomorrow.

Sorry John, this trick won't work this year...some of us have brains and see through your pathetic pronouncements,,,,,

If you can't go to the debate tomorrow - send Sarah. You said she's ready to be president - let the world see if that was a true statement or yet another campaign lie!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sarah Palin - the trophy veep

John McCain treats women badly. For crying out loud he offered his wife up to be part of a biker rally where women were bare breasted. He does not allow Cindy to answer questions...He degrades her in public. She's a trophy wife - but the switcheroo in this one is that SHE has the money....

Fast forward to Palin. McSame picked her because he could control her and use her as arm candy.. Palin brings out the crowds but, like Cindy, she is not allowed to speak or answer questions except for the scripted remarks she repeats - even when those remarkrs have been shown to be lies.

The press has been ordered to be deferential to her or face consequences. The press also needs to do it's job and stop letting McSame run their businesses...but they lack spines....altho it seems some are growing them back ...

If McSame really felt Palin was ready to lead - let her - show us that she can take it from the media and the public. Stop treating her like a trophy wife and stop degrading women....If your wife puts up with your treatment that's between you and her. But Palin is running to be the vice president...not your next paramour...hmmm unless that's your plan?

Debate Question that needs asking

What if this were asked?

Senator McCain - Why won't you publicly release your full medical records?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's the rush?

The doom and gloom administration is yelling "NOW"

Sorry - but when anyone in this administration says move fast - the best response is to say "WHOA" then carefully read the fine print.

Remember the Patriot Act - and how fast that went through - and how many problems it caused?

Then the FISA Bill with it's immunity? [Good call on that one Blue Dogs.]

When the person in "charge" has a rating of 19% - why listen to him and his cronies?

This flawed bill with it's "you can not sue us, regulate us or tell us how to spend your own money" is frightening! It's like giving the entire store house of the US Treasury to the very same people who got us right where we are.....They do not need a second or third shot with MY money! And if this gos through, say goodbye to any social reforms for the next few decades!

Here is a reasonable request from Bernie Sanders [D-VT] -
and you can sign his petition

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baseball memories

My son asked today what my feelings were about the end of Yankee Stadium...

To be honest, I knew it was ending, but did not pay attention to the fact that today was the last game to be played there.

As a kid, I was a Yankee fan. Why? My father had grown up near Yankee Stadium and was a Yankee fan so we listened to Yankee games on the radio. The same way my son grew up to be a Red Sox fan - he heard and saw Red Sox games all his life.

The difference being that at some point in my late teens I tuned out baseball and only go back into it when living in Boston - but that team "took" and I am still a Red Sox fan.

Back to Yankee Stadium... It was the place I saw my first live baseball game at some point in the 50's. It was an old timers day and so the day started with a game featuring famous players... it was exciting and I loved being there....but never went back as I left NYC.

Since then I have been to many stadiums that have come and gone. Seems to be the nature of what we call progress. I had been to the old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. Had also been to the old Madison Square Garden and the old Boston Garden and I think the old St. Louis park.

My son has seen the Bullets at the old US Air Arena in the burbs and the new Wizards at the Verizon arena in downtown DC. [Had to look up the name to see if it was still MCI - it isn't.]

Buildings come and go - even those with historical significance - money speaks and it speaks loudly. If players make millions a year, stadiums must have more seats for corporations so the team owners make a profit...and as corporations come and go so does the name of the building...yikes!

[Sigh] By the time my son has kids, no one will be able to afford to take a family to ball park and the parks and arenas will continue to be demolished and bigger ones built...

But Fenway Park and Wrigley Field will always be here....Some cities respect their baseball history and their baseball fans.