Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Audacity of McSame

Even I, the cynic, am amazed at the political hypocritical audacity of John McSame.

He who admitted knowing nothing about the economy, he of the deregulation that got us where we are today, he of the Keating 5 scandal, he whose campaign staff is filled with lobbyists, he who had Phil Gramm as an advisor, he whose campaign head is on the books lobbying against regulation for the failed Fannie Freddie mess, he who is tanking in the polls...

He who has not been in the Senate to vote almost all year... That very same person is now such an expert on the economy that he needed to go back to D.C. and fix the mess [he helped create.]

What bullshit....

What he really wants is for the veep debate to be canceled as they now see what a light weight the have for a using all the Rove tricks still left - he decides to suspend his campaign and asked Obama to do the same...He even canceled his appearance at the first debate set for tomorrow.

Sorry John, this trick won't work this year...some of us have brains and see through your pathetic pronouncements,,,,,

If you can't go to the debate tomorrow - send Sarah. You said she's ready to be president - let the world see if that was a true statement or yet another campaign lie!

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