Saturday, September 27, 2008

Is This McCain's "Code" for Racism?

I watched the debate with friends - all Democrats - so we laughed, yelled and said HUH? pretty much in unison to some of the nonsensical statements of McSame.

But today I re-watched some of the debate and was more aghast at McSame's condescending attitude shown by not looking Obama in the eye and just being an arrogant asshole - as when he kept saying that Obama just did not understand.

I recognized the eyes averted sneer from when I lived in DC - which is predominantly black. Tourists in the Mall or Hill area, tended to use this same non-eye-contact when they saw black men...[yes if you lie in DC long enough you can spot tourists and differentiate them from the residents:-)]. My black friends, especially males, said it made them feel like they were not "there." It was a condescending look and I am sure that McCain absolutely meant it to convey that a black man was not fit to be on the same stage with him!

This video captures much of the nastiness. It's nasty racism in the way that republics do it best - snidely!

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Nathaniel said...

I don't entirely disagree with you, but...

One, most of these seasoned politicians are used to addressing the moderator, the audience, or a camera. Obama was a little uneasy with it as well I noticed, but then again it is also difficult speak to the back of another mans head.

Two, it is not so much an issue of racism as it is an example of how we do politics. It is similar to how one will start a sentence with "the Honorable so-and-so from the great state of blah" and then proceed to charge this same person as being anti-American or something.

These guys are used to saying the most G-d awful things to or about each other, they're just trained to never address them directly to/at the person they are speaking of.

All that aside, the same word you ended with is the same one that I thought of when watching. Snide. There really was this attitude like "who is this guy to question me about anything, I've been around for a long time now and therefore I am right."