Friday, September 26, 2008

Is McCain Sick?

What is John McCain NOT telling us?

I was at a Merkley fundraiser last night and many of us noted that McCain has taken on more of a death pallor...

One person noted his $4000 make up session...HUH? What does 4K buy you?
Is it a cover-up for some serious medical condition that he wants no one to see on TV?

Another noted that some blogs and online reports suggested that his left eye was droopy and maybe he's had a stroke.

Another said he caught a glimpse of him on TV and he looked sick...

And my psychology head went AHA - his week of flip flopping on economics, sounding more mixed up than usual and this nonsense with his trying to avoid tonight's debate made more sense.

Is he having some issue affecting his brain?

And then the reality hit!

What if he is really really sick...and "wins" [stolen elections anyone?] look what is in store for us with Sarah Palin, she who is making the shrub sound more intelligent everyday...and we know how hard she has to work to make the shrub sound intelligible.

So McCain needs to release not only past health records but very current ones..

The public has a right to know if McCain is having a medical issue affecting his brain.

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