Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sarah Palin - the trophy veep

John McCain treats women badly. For crying out loud he offered his wife up to be part of a biker rally where women were bare breasted. He does not allow Cindy to answer questions...He degrades her in public. She's a trophy wife - but the switcheroo in this one is that SHE has the money....

Fast forward to Palin. McSame picked her because he could control her and use her as arm candy.. Palin brings out the crowds but, like Cindy, she is not allowed to speak or answer questions except for the scripted remarks she repeats - even when those remarkrs have been shown to be lies.

The press has been ordered to be deferential to her or face consequences. The press also needs to do it's job and stop letting McSame run their businesses...but they lack spines....altho it seems some are growing them back ...

If McSame really felt Palin was ready to lead - let her - show us that she can take it from the media and the public. Stop treating her like a trophy wife and stop degrading women....If your wife puts up with your treatment that's between you and her. But Palin is running to be the vice president...not your next paramour...hmmm unless that's your plan?

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