Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What's the rush?

The doom and gloom administration is yelling "NOW"

Sorry - but when anyone in this administration says move fast - the best response is to say "WHOA" then carefully read the fine print.

Remember the Patriot Act - and how fast that went through - and how many problems it caused?

Then the FISA Bill with it's immunity? [Good call on that one Blue Dogs.]

When the person in "charge" has a rating of 19% - why listen to him and his cronies?

This flawed bill with it's "you can not sue us, regulate us or tell us how to spend your own money" is frightening! It's like giving the entire store house of the US Treasury to the very same people who got us right where we are.....They do not need a second or third shot with MY money! And if this gos through, say goodbye to any social reforms for the next few decades!

Here is a reasonable request from Bernie Sanders [D-VT] - http://sanders.senate.gov/petitions/?petition=Financial_Crisis_1
and you can sign his petition

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