Thursday, April 26, 2007

Disillusioned Soldiers

From MoveOn

George Bush keeps saying that he's the one who supports the troops and those of us who want to end the war don't. Someone has to take him on for that. And John Bruhns—who served in Iraq as a sergeant—is the man to do it.

MoveOn members chose John to be the subject of a TV ad by Oliver Stone as part of our VideoVets project. After coming home, John decided he could no longer remain silent. He says keeping our troops in Iraq without end is "wrong, immoral, and irresponsible." He's brave and patriotic, and his first-hand truth is an essential antidote to the administration's lies.

We talked to John this morning, and he's really moved by this whole experience. Here's a note he asked us to pass on to MoveOn members:

I'm overwhelmed by the statements of those who saw my video. I can't put into words how honored I am that people were so moved by it. For so long I felt so helpless—in a sense that there was nothing I could do to make a difference in regards to ending the war and educating the American people on the reality of the situation. I made a promise to myself in Iraq that if I was lucky enough to make it home I would do everything in my power to help transition us out of the war. Thank you all so very much for giving me this tremendous opportunity. I am very grateful.

Oliver Stone and his team are working on the ad as we speak. And John is getting ready to get on a plane and go work with them. We want to make sure as many people as possible hear John's message about the real cost of war.

Here is John's video clip:

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