Monday, September 01, 2008

Again - Who is Sarah Palin?

It's becoming more clear that bloggers and some media mavens are finding out more about Sarah Palin than did the JohnMcSameMcBushIII© campaign before selecting her....shows what happens when desperation rules a decision!

I don't delight in any one's misfortunes - I'm not a republic - but some of the info coming out is causing me to sit back in astonishment and wonder what else is going to come out about Palin this week?

Her teen aged daughter is pregnant [oops there goes the abstinence argument]
She was not against the bridge to nowhere
The state has hired a personal attorney for her in the now dubbed troopergate [oops - thought repugs don't like them trial attorneys] well they don't like them til they need one - hypocrites that they are

Some say she won't be on the ticket post convention! [citing the now repug hypocrisy of "I need more family time"]

But more telling - maybe this answers why she was picked - yes I am a cynic!

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