Monday, November 07, 2005

Medicare penalty redux

The more I read and think about the prescription "benefit" and the penalty to NOT buying into it now- the angrier I get. It reminds me of the credit card bill aka the bankruptcy "reform." It's all about scaring people into paying paying paying....

Here is the penalty: at least 1% of the national average premium will be added to your premium for each MONTH that you delay signing up...and of course, we are reminded, that the average premium will go UP each year ...[so they have already calculated that increase] Let's see - if you do not need medications now and you choose to sign up you are "giving" the feds about $360 a year to insure not paying the "penalty" later...

to me it sounds like the credit card bill - pay now and pay later OR ELSE!!!!

Why is our government into penalizing people who are healthy now? Is it the same reason the dark sider in the WH is pushing torture? They just don't like people? And why can't we look at better preventive care instead of warning people they WILL get sick as they age? Actually I have gotten sick less as I have aged...because I have learned how to follow alternative ideas re my health and well if I do need expensive meds at some point, I'll pay for them myself and not pay those dark siders their penalty -

I bet when we elect a saner Congress we will see major changes in this Medicare "benefit." Some people actually have respect for their elders and are not out to punish those who live a long time and stay healthy!

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