Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy 2006

When I think back over 2005 I see that many of my wishes came true! After the shrub's 2nd appointment, I was down but figured if given enough rope this administration would implode!
[I love to mix my metaphors:)]

Lived in D.C. long enough to have learned and seen that power corrupts - no matter if you are a D, an R or an I or if you are inside or outside the administration. If you have a position seen as having power and access - you do most anything to hold onto it!

So the crooks, led by the cheer-leader-in-chief, or is it now the cokehead-in-chief? or the liquorbrained-in-chief? He is so often more incoherent than usual he either is back to abusing substances or his years of debauchery have taken a big toll on whatever brain he had. He's an embarrassment to the country and to the world.

I read that he is on his "ranch" dealing with the alleged "brush." Its not a ranch I gather it was a pig farm and as for his brush dealings - I think he's out there drinking...he's not the type to do physical labor - he hires people for that - its a family tradition. And he rides his mountain bike - hip hip hooray - gotta keep buff for the next costumed performance....[he has more costumes than do my gay queen friends] - is there a connection between his interest in his body and those costumes and gayness? I think so - go back and read my April 28 entry.

Anyway I digressed - a trait of mine - I am a happier camper heading into 2006... The repugs have fires to put out all over the place..indictments, upcoming hearings on illegal spying, a supreme court appointment hearing that worries them, other repugs running as fast as their fat little legs can take them - AWAY from the shrub.... Cunningham admitting guilt, Abramoff probably working out a plea, "lesser" Enron people [remember Enron?] pleading and maybe testifying against the higher ups... I only hope that some progressives stay out there swinging away at what this administration is doing - I have almost given up on the Dem leaders - most of them are repugs in dem clothing- why else are they so quiet? I bet the mantra is stay center, stay in Iraq, don't rock the boat...well that kind of thinking has lost them power and will continue to keep them out of power- we need leaders who LEAD - not try to stay center.

We all need to take a pledge to not support ANY candidate who does not make a speedy end to the Iraq war a priority in their campaign. So John Kerry, Hillary and Joe Lieberman - bye bye...and I have added that unless you represent ME and not the corporations I will work against you even if you are a D...

There are those who say electing D's will get us chairs of committees. I respectfully disagree..what matters who the chair is if you are still a repug and only put on a costume like the shrub does?

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