Thursday, February 02, 2006

Can anyone answer this question?

The state of the onion - as I call it - was the other night. I learned many decades ago to NOT watch it on TV as it is either bad for my TV [ I once threw an object at the screen] or the persons in the room with me get ear aches from my shouts. Of course this only happens when I am being lied to...So assuming it would be filled with lies, I watched only the start and listened sporadically via the internet - then read it and about it the next day.

So my question: I heard "someone" say that education is important - so why then did the House vote to decrease student loans?

"Someone" looked pretty bad - wrinkled, not well coifed, scared, confused....and that was in the first few minutes...Was he drinking and therefore late to the makeup call?

What the shrub does is "word read." I do that too when I am reading a foreign language and am not sure what the words mean....I doubt he knew what he was reading as the very next day others were out there saying what some "really" meant middle east oil is not really meant to be middle east oil - and house really showed the public what it thinks of the citizens!

What we need in this country is a well funded LOBBY for the poor, the children, and others who are not among the wealthy who keep getting tax cuts and who are not corporations

I don't particularly like lobbying but until the playing field is more level - I will support a lobby for those who are not wealthy or are not corporations.

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