Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Thank you Bush, Roberts and Alito

You have brought forth venom from the idiotic lawmakers who are proposing and passing laws we had not considered in a very long time. I can only hope this slew of stupidity makes a dent on the brain washed minds of the people who voted for the current dictator.

South Dakota? Read all about that on any blog. It was planned as a test case - they want this to go to the Supreme Court - where we have a new justice who actually thanked the wingnuts for supporting him.

There will be more laws like this - these "bring back the 18th Century" men want control - over laws, women, property, children, states and finances.

Then we have Missouri trying to declare Christianity the official religion and become a state that will not protect other religions.

I can't wait to see what other "new" laws are passed in the various states....

I have a solution - let's allow all the wingnut states to secede. Let them have their own country - charge them tolls to use "our" roads and facilities - and let them pay for their own idiotic states. Yes I would feel sorry for those more sane people in those states but they allowed these wing nuts to be elected.

Maybe we should never have tried to be one country - let's take an example from the dissolution of Checkoslovakia. Maybe we can figure a neat way to divide into a few countries. Those in power do not represent me and worse they do not even try to do so - the 37% of the country they do represent can have their own country and those of us - the MAJORITY - can have our own too.

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