Sunday, March 19, 2006

What king shrub hath wrought : (

King shrub, in his infinite assininity and desire to bomb the hell out of anyone he does not like, has created a world where anger, killing and disregard for life are now becoming the norms.

If you were Iran or North Korea and you see what chaos he has created in Iraq - well you would worry and stockpile weapons - and be very ready to use them. Fighting back and beating up on them are the only behaviors bullies understand. And if others get hurt in this mess - well the shrub calls it "unfortunate." And if it creates more terrorists - well he'll just go bomb the hell out of them - except if they are in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the UAE or Saudi Arabia. ["can't make our friends mad when we go after terrists."]

Now we have pre-emption as a good idea. Does that mean anyone with a gun or weapon who feels "threatened" can go attack? Seems so. Why not - if it's a good enough policy for the king - it must be good for all else.

I'm so glad shrub worships a different god than I - his gods are greed, corporations and corruption. Anyone following this person and saying he is religious is deluded. They are also dangerous cultists and they are 36% of our population. They do not read - they do not think and they are becoming more dangerous as they keep supporting their cult leader and blindly following his dictates.

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