Monday, April 24, 2006

The Decider

We have a very disturbed person in the White House. All my psychological training leads me to say this.

Yes we all talk to ourselves but it's not all the time and not often out loud. When you hear voices - it's time for a realty check before you believe them. Not the shrub. He actually believes that "his" g-d is talking to him. He does not feel he needs to check with anyone else about this little voice in his head.

Nothing wrong with hearing voices either - it's sort of like fantasies - they themselves are not bad - our minds are very creative. I tell all my clients that. BUT - you DO NOT ACT OUT YOUR fantasies, dreams, voices, etc. Acting out these voices and fantasies is a sign of a disturbed person. The shrub needs to be locked up. He is a danger to himself and others. Those are grounds for involuntary commitment. He needs to be in St. E's - not in the White House. Where is the person willing to try and get him committed? Others in DC are committed for these reasons - why not the shrub?

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