Friday, May 26, 2006


Well a greedy corporation bit the dust and it's two heads will be off to jail - YEA..... there is talk of these greedy corporatists being pardoned by the shrub so we need to make it clear that that particular action will have very bad consequences for the repugs all over the country-

and tell me again why corporations are allowed to go belly up in bankruptcy and not pay their debts - like their pension and retirement funds and normal everyday citizens are not allowed to do so anymore?

We do need to make Enron the poster child of greedy repug excesses and compare their situation to the mbna bankruptcy bill that congress gave to the credit card companies....

Let's do something radical like take our country back from the corporations.....

oops nsa is watching me.....that's okay - my phone was tapped in the 60''s been a fact of life that if the repugs don't like what you are doing - they monitor you - one would think they have better things to do but they see us ranters as a danger...they have forgotten to read the constitution and the history of our country - so nsa - go read a history book : )

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