Friday, May 12, 2006

Has Hell Frozen Over?

The shrub's popularity rating has gone down to 29%. This is below freezing Fahrenheit...and I guess maybe he is waiting for the Centigrade rating before he does something to "warm" us up.....That's the scary part- with Rove now sort of admitting he will be indicted, ratings below 30% [and that was before the phone tapping information] I worry that the shrub will bomb the hell out of anyone - just to change the topics of conversation and make himself a "new" war president...and that's when hell will freeze over - and all hell will break loose.

Does he care? No- and that's why I think he should be committed. He is insane and certifiable. And as he again "beats" Daddy y having a lower poll rating - it is time to really really worry.... This is not just a grown child with a daddy complex - this is a seriously disturbed individual who has no conscience, no morality and just wants to rule the world and kill anyone who gets in his way....

See my previous post re Hitler and Geroge in the September 2005 archives - that's the analogy going on right now.

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