Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Orleans

I had been to New Orleans at least twice - both before Katrina... It is/was a fun city to visit and I recall many great meals eaten there....Last night I watched the Spike Lee documentary about Katrina and I cried...not that there was anything new in the documentary - I know king shrub had his head up his usual spot and did not pay attention and then said that oft repeat "who ever knew...."[fill in the blank]

But a year later the gulf region is still hurting- while we continue to spend billions killing people in Iraq and getting killed in the process. And if the shrub continues on this path [and he says he will] more and more cities in the USA will continue to hurt, have damaged infrastructure and decaying schools. New Orleans is the most visible example of the shrub's national policies while Iraq remains the symbol of his international policies.

It's my country and I want it back! Regime change in 2006!

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