Friday, September 15, 2006

Medicare part D[umb,angerous,eceptive]

So many rants so little time...but here is one for today...that Medicare Part D[umb,angerous,eceptive] doughnut hole...

I've mentioned this hole before and do believe it was planned with the specific end results in mind...why else was it included?

Soon - like next week - many who signed up for Part D will start reaching the prescription cost amount where their coverage STOPS. They must continue to pay monthly for Part D even though they also have to pay for the next $3000 of the cost of their prescriptions.

Why was this put in? Duh...because the legislation was written by the pharmaceuticals and although I have not yet done the research, I am guessing that a majority of people spend between $2,000 and $5000 on medications and so that became a good gap so that the drug kings could make the maximum profit while not having to offer any discounts and still collecting the monthly fees.

What will seniors do? Many will have to make choices between meds and food or meds and rent or meds and other necessities.
Do the repugs really want this? My answer is YES - or they would NOT HAVE ENACTED PART D...Think about that when you vote this November....

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