Saturday, October 21, 2006

Is hell freezing over ?

Remember when The Eagles did the hell freezes over tour? Well the Dems are now doing the hell freezes over election.

If we can believe the voting in 2004 [and I do not] "most" Americans said they'd vote Democratic when hell freezes over. They "loved" the shrub and his policies. But soon after that "election" the polls showed fewer of those voters liking the shrub. [The quick turn-around is why I do not believe we had a fair election.] Today the shrub's numbers are close to the hell freezing over number... a little above 32 degrees. Congress' numbers are just as bad at 37 degrees - and Darth Vader's [Cheney] is 19 degrees.

Since Congress is a one party system and has been for many years, guess who is causing the hell freezes over syndrome? The same people who brought you the hell and damnation elections of 2004 and the same people who preach hell and damnation [otherwise known as fear.]

Maybe the American electorate is waking up from the long national nightmare and realizing it is time for hell to freeze over and for us to start walking again on those fears of hell..... If fear of hell keeps you voting for the shrub's crowd, there is not much we can do for you but if you are tired of being played for a fearful fool, think about voting for the Dems. I'm not going to say they are perfect or even near perfect, but at this point in our country's life, they are the best people for saving us from further eroding into hell.....

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