Tuesday, November 07, 2006


We are having monster rain out here but we vote by mail so ballots can still be dropped off at a collection box all day up to 8PM

If you are in any area with bad weather - and I do know about that - do not stay home today. Vote as if your life depended on it...and your kid's lives, and the life of your country....And if you are having nice weather - go out and vote...and think about those voters standing in the rain.....and smile...it will make the repugs worry

Do not let the weather stop you - let the repugs stay home - if we vote in huge numbers they can not steal the election - they will try - they are trying with the robo calls - but talk to your neighbors, tell them about the robo calls, get them to go with you to vote - make it sociable - bring food if you expect long lines....bring a camera, your cell phone and don't forget to smile...


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