Thursday, December 07, 2006

Getting what you want

I have become a believer in being careful what you wish for - cuz you might get it.... only now I have changed "might" to "will."

It's time to be affirmatively steadfast in thinking positive thoughts....either ahead to January 2009 or even to January 2007....

Instead of ranting and raving all the time about shrubs, hard as that is for me, I am changing my attitude to one that sees him gone gone gone. But not by impeachment. Like many of us on the left, I would like noting more than to see this criminal brought to justice and frog marched out of the WH - but I also believe that the country needs us to focus on our country. Knowing that the Dems can walk and chew gum at the same time [and speak clearly] I foresee investigations into the criminality of the Iraq "mess and Katrina negligence leading to this idiot skulking out of town calling on Daddy to save his skin again. And as soon as the dark veep steps forward - ditto for him except he can't call on Daddy to bail him out - he'll call Halliburton instead. For those of us who were around - remember - we got rid of Nixon - cowards always run.....and shrub is a coward to the core....he'll run - fast

So let's think positively - shrub and darth vader gone in early 2007 !!!!!!! And yes - I intend to keep smiling - or gloating - all the way to 2009 : o )

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