Sunday, December 17, 2006


I admit there is no good solution to this mess - so if there is no solution, why does anyone think sending in more troops is a solution?

Having been against this stupidity before it started, at least back then "they" should have listened to Shinseki when he said it would take many many troops. He was right - then. But will more help now? I doubt it. Just means more of our children will die and I will keep crying...and my son is safely out of the military. But I cried all during the Vietnam mess and at that time I was not a mother - I think most women understand the loss of all children in a different way than do men....

If women were in positions of power around the world, would we have these senseless armed conflicts? I don't know for sure, but I'm willing to say let's try - the men have made a big mess of the let's let the women attempt to fix least here we'll have a start on this with Nancy Pelosi....

Some military persons have been calling for a change to the deployment "rules" so that troops [read children] can be deployed more frequently - hmmm - because they volunteered ? Nonsense - they did not volunteer for an illegal occupation of a country that had not harmed us. I say if "they" want more troops, there are many young conservative adults out there who ought to put their bodies where their mouths are and go join the military.

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