Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rich White Men

The recent news of tornadoes in the South and mistreatment of vets at Walter Reed and elsewhere compared with Cheney's new "medical problem" has been stirring around in my brain..

Cheney of course went to a private hospital and got immediate care for his problem. The vets needed the Washington Post and hearings on the Hill to get attention - some after years of waiting for medical care for their problem. and as much as the admin tours the South in the aftermath of tornadoes and death - I hope they do not hold their breath waiting for this admin to really help. After all - Katrina victims are still waiting for help and some are now being forced to evacuate their temporary housing in mobile homes due to mold - just like the vets have.

What is boils down to for me is that if you are not a rich white male - in a large corporation [like an oil company or Halliburton et. al.] you are not deserving of medical care, a home, safety, or anything resembling real concern. You are here only to further the administration in their illegal endeavors, provide cannon fodder for a fight over oil resources, or to provide a photo op that will be used to raise tons of cash for the next sicko repug who runs for president.

So to all women, all non-Caucasians, all poor people and all children - beware - you are not liked by this administration and any problems you have now or will have in the future will be deemed your own fault...

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