Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A letter to AirAmerica Radio

I sent this to AAR headquarters via email and also cced my local station

You have finally lost me as a loyal listener.

1- I am a NYC native but now in Portland Oregon - for what that is worth it says who I am.
2- an unabashed progressive
3- loved AirAmerica and listened all day when it debuted but lost much interest in AAR as it changed line-ups seemingly to appease the "middle"
4- dislike that my local affiliate keeps Ed Schultz on and changed the line-up so much I now listen to KBOO - a local community station

5- but the final reason I am quitting as a listener is that you are getting rid of daily Sam Seder - I liked Sam in the AM but our station put him on at 6 PM - that was still okay - but you have now taken that option away.

So - no more okay. You lost me and I am now an ex-AirAmerica listener....

Lynn Dorman


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