Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Misguided so-called democrats

Was just alerted [thank you mcjoan at dailykos] to Gordon Smith's new website - Democrats for Smith http://www.democratsforsmith.com/

Well there are seemingly 3 "democrats" for Smith - he and they really must be desperate -

I haven't been here in Oregon long enough to know who the 3 "alleged" democrats are - but by my way of labeling people - if you like a guy who voted with the shrub 90% of the time - I call you republicans - no matter what you might call yourself - and if you campaign for someone like Smith - you are now a republic policy enabler...

Smith voted against many issues important to me - and on top of that I really really dislike politicians who have "election year conversions." Only after he saw the results of last Fall's election did he come out and say anything negative about shrub and shrub's occupation of Iraq....

So - here's a better Oregon site to go to: http://www.stopgordonsmith.com/

Let's have 2 Democratic Senators from Oregon!!!!!!!

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