Wednesday, April 04, 2007

shrubs and shrubs

Well shrub #1 is at the microphone and shrub #2 is stalking in from the garden.....but that's not creepy enough - you have to hear what shrub # 1 saying..

1- seems he forgot that Congress did pass legislation to fund our children [the troops]'s he who wants to veto that legislation

2- seems he also forgot that many of our children are now stuck in Iraq way past their go home dates - well because he wants an escalation

3- he also forgot that many of our children are being sent back sooner than they are supposed to return - AND still without the armor and other protection that is needed

4- he also forgot that the citizens of the USA voted in this current Congress because they also find the situation unacceptable.. but we are not forgetting that this entire mess rests squarely on the shrub's shoulder and he has to someohe get his brain around the fact that the citizens of the USA do not agree with him or his policies...and the DO agree with with what COngress is proposing...

And if this bill is vetoed - it is the shrub who will be failing to fund our children - not Congress and not the SA citizens.

[for those who have not read some of my former posts - I use the term our children as I hate the word troop - troop is a way of distancing yourself from the fact that every military person has a mother and father. They are OUR children over there - even if they are not biologically yours....

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