Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fantasy Land

If there is anyone who still thinks the shrub is a genius and knows what is best for the economy - please read the headlines about the stock market! The money people around the world are running scared!

The US market IS a STOCK - a laughing stock for those who would love to see our economy tank...

In November of 2004, Osama Bin Laden said his group's goal was to bankrupt us....
One more cynical than I could wonder if the shrub has been intentionally acceding to BinLaden's goal all along???

mr unpopular [except for among the very wealthy] has bankrupted this country for HIS war and occupation in Iraq.

Is he worried? Not him - he and the Bush/Saudi/BinLaden/Cheney families are making megabucks and not worrying in the least. In fact I bet they sit back and laugh at how stupid people were to vote for him and buy into his fantasy of WMD and all that...

But psychopaths are prone to laugh at those who believe them...they got way with it - didn't they?

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