Monday, March 17, 2008

Let me get this straight

If you are a Wall Street firm who maybe did questionable/creative accounting and loan making etc... you get bailed out at tax payer expense or get bought out by a bigger firm...

Does that mean the CEO's lose their life savings, houses, pensions and health insurance? Not a chance! The CEOs walk away with their megabucks intact.

But if you are a homeowner who got one of those firm's substandard mortgages? You lose your house, no one bails you out, and when you are homeless you may need to change jobs which might cause you to lose your health insurance [if you could afford that to begin with.]

Anyone else besides me see the unfairness of these economic policies?

The homeowner can't even get away form their debt thru bankruptcy anymore either.

So - the Bush policy seems to be: Fuck the people; Save the corporations!

I won't even go into the gas prices and the cost of foods caused by the idiot's financial policies and wars.

Does tho make me wonder if he cheated his way to his MBA - cuz he certainly has no concept of business or economics!

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