Sunday, March 30, 2008

Which candidate is really organized? and really ready?

Saturday, Barack Obama's campaign "officially" opened it's Oregon headquarters although it's been unofficially open a few days a week for a while now.

And Saturday I met Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky of Illinois. What an energizing morning as she spoke about Barak as a person she has known and worked with [back in Chicago.] One thing that stuck in my mind was when she said his work as a community organizer means that he is really good at organizing. Obama's Oregon campaign head was at this morning coffee too.

Then today I got an email from the Multnomah County Democrats letting us know where Bill Clinton is speaking this weekend and - get this - letting us know that Hillary is hiring Oregon campaign staff !!
The Hillary Clinton campaign has arrived in the State of Oregon and is seeking field organizers to fill openings around the state. The campaign is seeking highly motivated and hard working individuals that are dedicated to the cause of electing Senator Clinton. Positions are available immediately.
Our ballots start arriving in early May as we vote by mail.. So Hillary is giving herself one month to try and do something in Oregon - and that's if she hires people by April 1st and on my calendar that's this coming Tuesday..

What kind of people can she hire in 2-3 days? How can they can organized and get their work done in basically 3 weeks?

For me this is another instance of Hilary not caring about voters by not being organized and also still assuming she is DUE the nomination because the media announced her as the winner before the first vote was cast.

She did not organize in Oregon as we have a late primary and she was willing to write us off until now. We have become part of her everyone should get to vote mantra...But she's not organized and that says more to me than her mantra.

Her inability to think and plan ahead belies her statement of being ready on day one. If she was not ready for Oregon, how can she be ready for the entire USA?

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure you're being fair here. You make it sound like Obama's been campaigning here for months, when we're really only talking about a couple of weeks.

Besides, given the money he's got, I'd be surprised if he didn't have offices in lots of places she doesn't.

Support who you want, but the implication that Clinton is incapable of planning ahead or that she doesn't care about voters in Oregon is ludicrous.

Once the frenzy of this campaign subsides I think many Obama supporters will start to feel foolish about some of the overwrought statements they've been cavalierly tossing around.