Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another "senior" moment? Like a lifetime of them?

We do recall McSame saying he was ridding his campaign of lobbyists...well sort of maybe he really did not mean it... this is the straight talk express after all

...only straight is not straight and talk is cheap and mcsame can't tell a lobbyist from any other repug

The latest lobby flap?

Seems his economic go-to guy is the good-ole pol Phil Gramm:
Years before Phil Gramm was a McCain campaign adviser and a lobbyist for a Swiss bank at the center of the housing credit crisis, he pulled a sly maneuver in the Senate that helped create today's subprime meltdown.
Read David Corn's article here.

If McSame really got rid of all the lobbyists associated with his campaign - there might be no one left on his staff : -)

Gosh - his senior moments keep going and going and going...and were and were and's a lifetime of saying one thing and then saying the opposite - the repugs call it flip flopping...mcsame now calls it straight talk

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