Saturday, May 17, 2008

Etch these photos in your memory

Show these photos to all who think McCain is a maverick, that McCain is different from Bush..

We must keep reminding voters that McSame is the SAME and will be a shrub 3rd term...

This after the shrub lied about McSame's daughter!

And this as New Orleans drowned..

And we must also remind everyone that McSame is a KEPT man...his wife pays the bills for his campaign planes [they are hers] and she refuses to release her tax returns....There must be something more in those returns that she does not want anyone to know.

We wonder if McSame knows anything about her money or if he is just content being a KEPT man.....maybe he likes the feeling of being kept - it may remind him of when he was KEPT [in Vietnam] - more Stockholm Syndrome?

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